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Countryman Associates Inc. Type 85 Direct Box

A Vintage Type 85. For Studio and live use, an excellent sounding Direct Box with balanced Mic Level output.

Hickok 539B Tube tester, sn152 1031, Needs work

A 1956 Hickok 539B tube tester, clean, parts missing: fuse (type 81 lamp) and rectifier tubes (83, 5Y3). The case is in fair condition, Tube Roll chart is in very good condition.

Crown International Tape deck Model LL802: 1/2 track Stereo Head assembly.

Parts from Crown International (yes that Crown) Model 700 and 800 series quarter inch decks. Head stack removed from an 800 series, model LL802. Windings tested for continuity only. See full description.
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Crown International Tape deck Model LL822: 1/2 track mono Head assembly.

Parts from Crown International (yes that Crown) Model 700 and 800 series quarter inch decks. Head stack removed from an 800 series, model LL822. Windings tested for continuity only. See full description.
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Glyph IMPROV 1 Gig Jaz drive, in original box, no disks.

An early backup drive from a DAW setup. It runs, but we're unable to test it due to a lack of any cartridges. Sold with cable and SCSI terminator.

Lafayette R-K152 4 Transistor Reel to Reel.

An early Japanese built battery powered recorder that is extremely low tech. It works, recommended for the collector. See full description..

Bozak CMA10-2, Stereo 10 channel mixer

An early Bozak stereo mixer with discrete electronics, Sealed Allen Bradley Pots, and transformer coupled mic preamps. Restored to full operating condition.
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Ampeg B15N, 1961, SN 100334, recapped, reconditioned.

This is an early version of the classic B15, and it used a 2 piece baffle arrangement, with 8 vent slots feeding a short labyrinth. Local Pickup Only. Chassis photos available on request.
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Zaxcom Arria Systems, 7 pieces with manual.

Two Arria control surfaces, Zaxcom DMX, Arria DAM, BNC to db25 panel, Monitor and status panels. Please see full description. Shipping disabled for this item, please call or email.

Tascam Model 44 4 track Reel deck, sn54608

Quarter inch, 4 track deck, an early version from Teac/Tascam with front panel access to alignment controls. Local pickup only.
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Vox Cry baby Vintage Wah pedal. sn1636786.

VOX model 95-910511, made in Italy for the Thomas Organ co. Has the Trash Can inductor. Has seen some use, works well.
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Denon DN-720R cassette deck, with Rack mount, VG condition.

Rackmount version of Denon's DN-720, good condition. Tested and working.
$210.00 $149.00

Tascam 122 MKIII, Balanced I/O,sn 210203, good condition.

A late model Tascam 122 MKIII with the balanced audio option, very low hours, some scratches to the top of the front plate. SOLD OUT.
$599.00 $499.00

Motorola TIP147 Transistors

Motorola TIP147 PNP Darlington transistors, Priced per Pair.

Motorola MJ10005 Transistors, NOS. price per pair.

MJ10005 high speed, power switching in inductive circuits where fall time is critical. They are particularly suited for line operated switch-mode applications. Priced per pair.

Emulator Systems Emulator I, Model 6008, sn 487.

Emulator I, the 1st version of Emulator Systems Emulator line, a 4 Octave Keyboard sampling synthesizer, 500 were manufactured in 1982. Local Pickup Only. This Unit will not load any programs. Read full description.
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Radyne ComStream Digital Audio Receiver ABR202

Digital Audio Receiver with AES EBU I/Os, includes a 1RU Control Panel with Thumbwheel Setting. In Excellent condition, Untested by bts, sold AS IS.

Tascam Model 302 Dual Well Rackmount cassette deck, sn9400163 992

Professional dubbing deck, 3 heads, direct drive capstan. Very clean, with low hours. SOLD OUT.

Vega R-42 A Pro Plus Diversity Receiver Dynex III sn7490DIII

Early wireless mic receiver from Vega (no transmitter). This unit is in excellent condition cosmetically except for the top of the case. Please read full description.

Cerwin Vega Horn tweeter PARTS

The metal horn and magnet from a Cerwin Vega 1" High Frequency driver. No diaphragm, or assembly hardware.

Cerwin Vega 1" Phenolic Dome Replacement Diaphragm

A 1" phenolic dome replacement for a Cerwin Vega horn. This is NOS, unused diaphragm, in original packing. No specifications were available at the time of this posting.

Cerwin Vega Phenolic Dome Horn tweeter

A Cerwin Vega Horn tweeter with a 1" phenolic dome. This unit works, but is being sold for parts. No specifications were available at the time of this posting.

ADC BJF207-4MKII Balanced 1/4" Audio patch panels

Removed from Edit and Production facility, these panels have a harness from the Jack Field to the QPC punch panel. Normals are accessed at the Jack Field.
Van $40.00

AMX AutoPatch Precis Series PR-0804

Precis PR-0804 8x4 RGBHV Switcher with Balanced Stereo Audio, Very good condition.
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Roland RE201 Space Echo, early 1980s, sn249425.

A combination Spring tank reverb, tape delay echo unit with Microphone/Instrument and Line Level inputs. VERY clean, with new Maxell UD tape loop. SOLD OUT.
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RCA Model 112S1 12" speakers, price is for pair.

Vintage mid 1950s 12" RCA speakers, AlNiCo magnets, sold as a pair, Date code indicates 1955 and 1950 as probable years of manufacture.
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RCA Model 501S1 Hi Fi BiAxial 12 inch Speaker,

Vintage mid 1950s 12" BiAxial RCA speaker with 3" Hi Frequency driver. AlNiCo magnet, only one available. Date code indicates 1957 as year of manufacture.
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RCA Model 300W1 Cabinets, mid 1950s.

A pair of cabinets with baffles for 12" drivers, made from solid Honduras Mahogany, deep cherry stain. Very good condition, no drivers in these cabinets.
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AKG CK9 Long Shotgun Capsule, sn4463.

An AKG Long Shotgun microphone, just tested with a 451 capsule and works fine. Good cosmetics.

Calibration Standard Instruments MDM-TA3 Time Align Monitors by E.M. Long

MDM-TA3 Mix Down Monitors by Ed Long's Calibration Standard Instruments of Oakland, CA. Very Good condition. Price is per pair.

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff π Distorter/Compressor

The Original electro-harmonix DELUXE Big Muff π Effects Pedal that combines Fuzz, Compression, Sustain efx. Not a reissue. AC Powered, in original box, not NOS but close.
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Otari CB-110 Remote for MX-5050 8 Track (no sn.)

Otari CB-110 remote control with 30' cable, good condition, fully tested and working.

Japan Industries 10" Coaxial drivers, (Pair) NKS 5DG

A pair of 10 inch coaxial drivers, removed from Akai model SS-1210 cabinets. VG condition, tested, working, priced per pair.

ADC PJ713 Grey TT (Bantam) BRASS Patch Cables

Standard, balanced Bantam cables, with brass plugs. Priced Per Cable
Van $8.00

Peavy CEQ280a for PA or Instrument use.

A computer controlled midi graphic equalizer, balanced I/Os, very good condition.

Aphex Aural Exciter, Model 110, Type E. sn02158

The Aphex Type E (Entertainer series) is a mono 1/2 rack unit, with front panel Foot switch and Hi Impedance input. This unit is in fair cosmetic condition, works well.

Aphex Aural Exciter, Model 110, Type E. sn01186.

The Aphex Type E (for Entertainer series) is a mono 1/2 rack unit, with front panel Foot switch and Hi Impedance input. This unit is in fair cosmetic condition, works well.

Sony MDS-E10 MiniDisc recorder, sn304786

Sony MiniDisc, 2002 model, works well, Loading drawer mechanism with new belt. Good cosmetics.

Panasonic SV-3700 Dat, Very low hours

SV-3700 DAT with rack mount kit, good condition, sn AA1BA02410. Early version, works well.

Heathkit W4-AM, Williamson Type Tube Power amplifier

A 50s era mono amplifier from the estate of a local RCA engineer. Being sold without tubes, all original construction. Untested, as is.

Fostex 8783 Synchronizer Interface for Otari MX5050-8 track

This interface allows Edit control over Otari Reel decks using the Fostex 4030/4035 Editing system. It has a 34 Pin cable attached that connects to Otari's Locator Port.

Fostex 4035 Synchronizer Controller

For any setup requiring VTR or ATR Chase of another deck, the Fostex system provides solid sync between formats using a number of sources. The 4035 provides Edit control functions over various Fostex devices.

Autopatch Channel Selector, pn: 4YDMCSB2

Monitor panels used with Autopatch Systems. All worked when removed, Untested, sold AS IS.
Van $35.00

Ampex 350 Reel Table Trim rings (pair).

These have been removed from an Ampex 350 1/4" Deck plate. They have studs for mounting to the deck. Good condition, see notes.

Ampex Model 350 Shut off arm assembly (55h66)

Ampex 350 EOT Arm assembly, removed from an Early Model 350 deck. Good condition, see notes.

Wurlitzer Tone Cabinet Crossovers pn 13903.

Removed from a pair of Wurlitzer Model 62 Tone cabinets. Good condition, untested. Price is for the PAIR.

Gaines Model 448 Audio IHF to Balanced converter

Provides +4 dbm, Balanced outputs for your consumer level sources. Very quiet, lo THD with 10 turn pots for each output. Great for studios using Legacy Tape, VTR, or Tascam 8 Track Reel to Reel tape decks.

Altec Model 67A Filter, sn 391521 #113. (Altec 67-A) SOLD OUT.

This Early Altec 67-A is a passive filter assembly with a 68A Low Pass and a 69A High Pass filter, a Vintage Altec tool from a small film editing studio. Sold.
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Ampex 350 1/4" Full Track head assembly

Ampex 350 1/4" Full Track head assembly, removed from an Early Model 350 deck. Fair condition, see notes.

Hewlett Packard 10K, 73 Gig drives.

NOS drives from HP. Sealed in the original packing, untested and sold As Is. One has been unpacked for the photographs.