ADC 18 Inch Longframe Mult patchcords

These are Balanced Y cables that allow a single source to be connected to a pair of inputs. They are handy when you have to connect a Mono source to a stereo input.
Fabrikant: ADC
Beschikbaarheid:: 7 op voorraad

These cables use M642 single plugs and 414 dual plugs. 

Please note that these are traditional brass plugs and varying degrees of  oxidation (tarnish) will be present on the connectors.   ALL Equipment including patch cords are tested prior to shipping.   Any cords that are damaged or deemed unservicable will not be sold.  Oxidized plugs are best treated with a soft lint free cloth and a small amount of Caig's R5 or Deoxit D5.   Abrasives are not recommended as their use can remove signinficant amounts of plating metal.