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Electronic Test Equipment: DMMS, Scopes, Oscillators, etc.

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Boonton Radio Corporation 100-A Q-Meter sn358.

This is the first Q-Meter sold by Boonton and dates to the middle of the 1930s. In good cosmetic condition, for parts or repair--not safe for Use.
£109.19 £84.79

Ferris Model 18-D RF MicroVoltmeter, 8~210 MHz

An early (1940's) Ferris Instrument Laboratories Microvoltmeter. It is in good cosmetic condition, but untested and for parts or display.

GE Luckiesh-Taylor Brightness Meter

A vintage General Electric Brightness meter with leather case and plug-in sensor. Very good condition.

General Radio 1800-A VTVM, sn2397

This is an early General Radio Vacuum Tube Voltmeter. It is in good cosmetic condition, but is not working. Sold AS IS for parts or display.

Hickok 292X Crystal Controlled Microvolt Generator.

This generator is in good condition, and the output section has been tested with a scope to confirm ranges, etc. Due to Age, this piece is Available Strictly As Is.

Videotek VSG-21 Video Pattern Generator, snA09900594

A compact source for Blackburst, Color bars & test patterns. Tabletop or Rackmount.

Videotek/Leitch VSG-21 Video Pattern Generator

A compact source for Blackburst, Color bars & test patterns. Tabletop or Rackmount.

Western Electronic CX-2, Coax Cable Stripper

A motor driven Coaxial cable stripper. Very light use, excellent cosmetic condition, sold AS IS.

Leader LBO5860H Portable Wave Form Monitor

This scope is in excellent condition with a sharp, bright trace and new graticule lamps. It features Line select and dual looping inputs.
£90.89 £72.59

Tektronix 1420

Vector scope television testing equipment designed to display and measure chrominance information from a composite-color video signal. Less case selling for parts.

Tektronix 1480R Waveform Monitor

Standard NTSC Waveform scope. Digital selection of line and field. Some switches are not clean and need exercising.

Tektronix 1750 Combo

Combination Waveform Monitor-Vector Scope was in perfect working condition with bright trace no longer powers up.

Tektronix 520A

Full size solid-state vector scope designed to measure luminance, hue, and saturation of the NTSC color television signal.

Tektronix Double Rack Mount Case

Side by side rack mount for Tektronix 528, 700, etc. Also can be used for other video testing equipment.
From £23.79

Tektronix VM700

Video measuring test instrument which can be used for automatic monitoring, as well as for manual measurements.
Call for pricing

Videotek VSM60

Videotek vector scope in working condition in need of new lamps.

Videotek Waveform Monitor

Not fully functioning selling for parts.