Limiters, Compressors & Gates

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Aphex Aural Exciter, Model 110, Type E. sn02158

The Aphex Type E (Entertainer series) is a mono 1/2 rack unit, with front panel Foot switch and Hi Impedance input. This unit is in fair cosmetic condition, works well.

Aphex Aural Exciter, Model 110, Type E. sn01186.

The Aphex Type E (for Entertainer series) is a mono 1/2 rack unit, with front panel Foot switch and Hi Impedance input. This unit is in fair cosmetic condition, works well.

Biamp Advantage GM Gain Manager

Single Channel Limiter/Gate, VVG condition.

Biamp Advantage AGII Priority Gate

Eight input gate for Auto Mixing setups in Board and Conference rooms. VVG condition.

Symetrix 528 Vocal Processor, sn20402

A very early version of the 528, with 3 band parametric, DeEsser, Compressor/Expander. VVG condition.

OmniCraft GT-4 Noise Gate

2 Omni Craft GT-4 Noise Gates; single rack unit package with 4 Noise Gates, Threshold & Release controls with Key switch, 1/4 inch connectors. Good condition
$169.00 $99.00

DBX 160x Limiter, sn: U1602486

dbx 160X Limiter, Fair Condition, With TRS & terminal strip I/Os. Earlier version manufactured in Japan.

Behringer MDX 2100 composer

Behringer MDX 2100 composer. 2 channel compresser/limiter, with separate peak limiting, with expander. LED displays, slave function. Good condition.
$99.00 $79.00

Yamaha GC2020BII 2 channel Compressor/Limiter

Yamaha GC2020BII 2 channel compressor Limiter. Fair condition
$129.00 $99.00

Boss SE50 Stereo EFX Processor

Vintage Boss SE50 Stereo EFX processor, MIDI I/O, great effects, Good condition with power supply,1/2 rack.

Orban 422A MONO Limiter/DeEsser sn1446660.

Orban Limiters offer Excellent durability, Noise immunity and precise control over all parameters. This 2 RU limiter is in VG condition.
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Symetrix 525 Compressor/Limiter

Symetrix 525 Dual Gated stereo compressor limiter, 1 RU, with metering. Excellent Condition.
$229.00 $195.00

RSP Reanimator stereo compressor

RSP Reanimator is a Stereo Compressor, DeEsser and Dynamic Enhancer. One in Excellent condition, a second in VG condition.
$229.00 $199.00

DBX 166 Compressor/Limiter

Good condition. Separate detector input enables an outboard processor to control compression or gating. Stereo or dual-mono operation of gating and compression, with hardwire bypass for each channel.
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DBX 900 Frame with 903, 904 and 905 modules

dbx 900A series frame with 6 903 limiters, 2 905 EQ modules, 1 904 Noise gate and power supply. Sold as is, please read full description.
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DBX 165 Compressor/Limiter early 1980s version. SOLD OUT

DBX165 Mono compressor/limiters sn 1300,1698. VVG cosmetics, Bal Input, Classic, great sounding compressor. Pictured is sn 1698, sn1300 photos to be posted soon. SOLD OUT.
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