Returns, Shipping & Terms


Our return policy is simple; we do not accept returns on any items under any circumstances.  If after our extensive testing and reporting process, a customer still needs a short period to satisfy any of their concerns, all parties involved will agree to specific terms for a test period PRIOR to the sale

There are no returns for service or operating manuals for any reason. Given the variety of editions and revisions we advise customers contact us if they require a specific Section, Edition or appendix for any manual prior to making a purchase. 

We cannot and will not accept returns due to any of the following:

  • The wrong item was selected and purchased (a limiter instead of a crossover)
  • The item had the wrong features
  • You made assumptions regarding the appearance of an item with no Photo
  • You neglected to read the full description, including the STRICTLY AS IS paragraph
  • You'd prefer it in blue
  • Alcohol was involved in your decision

You get the idea.  If you're not sure of what you need, ask first.   We are more than happy to assist you in not purchasing the wrong item.  We will even take additional photos of whatever portion of the back panel of that 1963 Dokorder that is keeping you up at night.  

We go to great lengths in order to provide our customers with as much information regarding our inventory as possible.   Items are photographed from multiple angles and cosmetic defects are well illustrated, and documented in the text.   Where feasible, the original manufacturers specifications have been researched and included in the Details section for each item. 

If after going through this information, you remain uncertain about a particular item being the correct one for your application, PLEASE email or contact us and we will GLADLY heap copious amounts of powerful decision making data upon you at no charge.

We would much rather not make the sale, than to have any unhappy customers.   Really.

We will replace an item or refund your money under the following conditions:

  • The item was described incorrectly, or there were features attributed to it inadvertantly
  • A Non As-Is item is DOA
  • The item was damaged in shipping


Shipping and Handling

For most Domestic orders we ship via Fedex Ground or USPS depending on size and weight of the order.  There are cases when using USPS is a better alternative, and we use USPS for the majority of our Overseas and International shipments that weigh less than 50 pounds.  

Estimated Delivery times are unreliable.  If you absolutely, positively must have it yesterday, call or email us noting the urgency before you place the order.  We will do whatever we can to select the service that will actually get it there on time.

Larger & heavier items in our catalog require special handling and they may be excluded from the cart.   That simply means that the Shipping Calculator and Shopping Cart cannot be used to accurately compute the additional costs in shipping.  In those cases we ask that you supply us with a complete address so that we can provide you with our best shipping alternative.   

Items such as reel decks for example are painstakingly packed, and then double boxed to ensure they arrive intact.  In many cases we assemble custom crates with hot glued polyethylene blocking.

This is a small shop with lots of inventory to manage and a commitment to getting each sale right the first time, whether it's for a $9 dingus, or a $20,000 Klystron Modulator.  This means that your Monday order may not ship until Friday, etc.

If you need something in a big hurry, you're invited to call and we'll do whatever we can to accommodate your schedule. 

Since almost all of our sales are of used equipment and your satisfaction is our goal, ALL ORDERS are retested on the bench PRIOR to packing and shipping.   The only pieces that this does not apply to are AS-IS items, Patch panels, Lenses, Mic mounts, and other non-electronic items.

Used items may have cosmetic and or operational defects due to their age and use.   Rest assured that any and all scratches, dents, dings scrapes, missing badges, torn grilles, loose sockets, noisy pots, intermittent connections will be fully disclosed within the description of the item. 

  • Large and very heavy or fragile items may require special packing and will be double boxed.  Any additional handling charges are normally included with the total you see when you place the item in the shopping cart.
  • If your order is urgent please give us a call, we may be able to make special arrangements to expedite the order.
  • If you fail to include a physical street address as your shipping address, your order will be delayed until we get in contact with you for the proper shipping information.
  • All prepaid website sales are shipped via FedEX ground through the lower 48.   Any applicable shipping costs are calculated based upon your ZIP code and the FedEX shipping calculator.   Rush shipments or shipments billed to your account with your preferred carrier are by special request which we will make every attempt to accommodate.
  • PLEASE include all pertinent address information including a company name, Suite number, and your name.   FedEx has a policy of charging significant amounts for address corrections regardless of how minor.   You are responsible for any charges incurred due to incorrect information. 

International shipments

International shipments are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International.
International customers are encouraged to email a list of items they wish to order.   We will send a quote that includes all of the items and the shipping fees.  If you agree to the total charges we will send a Paypal invoice.