Monitors, Headphones & Power Amplifiers

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AKG K240 Monitor Studio Headphones, from Austria.

The 600Ω version,in Good condition.

Music People Headgear 2001

Open back lightweight phones with excellent response. VVG condition.

Sonance Sonamp 260

Sonamp 60 watt per channel power amp in excellent condition. Perfect for home theater mains or extension speakers, with audiophile specifications.

Sony MDR-7506 Pro Headphones

Large diaphragm wide response headphones, in excellent condition, with new pads.

symetrix A-220 Stereo Power amplifier

Perfect for small edit suites, only 1 RU high, VG condition.

AMPEX Model SA-10 Monitor Speaker

Vintage 1960 Ampex monitor speaker with rack mount flanges. Ampex Catalog 96980-10.

Clearcom 1012 Audio Moniter (Wohler AMP1A)

Clearcom model 1012 Audio Monitor, single rack space, stereo audio monitor w/bal inputs. Similar to Wohler AMP1A
$329.00 $269.00

EV Sentry I Monitor Components

Woofer, Tweeter, Crossover and baffle for an EV Sentry I Broadcast monitor. No cabinet is included.
$245.00 $199.00

Executone Mixer amplifiers

Executone Mixer amplifiers, 3 inputs: mic/aux/tel, rack or wall mount, 60/100 watt, 70V/8 ohm, Excellent condition

KRK Rokit Nearfield Monitor Pair (#2)

Original, now vintage Rokit monitors, grey 6” 2 way, front ports, good cond. This is an Excellent near field monitor.

MDM-4 Mix Down Monitors by Ed Long: sn47031135,36

MDM-4 Mix Down Monitors, 1987 vintage by Ed Long's Calibration Standard Instruments of Oakland, CA. 2-6.5 inch woofers with a 3.5 inch mid, Rosewood with aluminum trim. Very Good condition. Price is per pair.
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Rane HC6 Headphone Amplifier

6-channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier with Independent Volume Controls and Front and Rear outputs.
$159.00 $129.00

RedcoAudio Little Red Cue Box

RedcoAudio Little Red Cue Box 4 channel headphone distribution system.

Rolls RA235 Power Amplifier

Rolls Model RA 235, with front panel level controls, 35 WPC @ 4Ω. Excellent cosmetics, great sounding amp.

Samson Servo 150 Power Amplifier

This is a 75 Watt Per Channel Studio Power amplifier, perfect for small edit suites or mixdown rooms.

Samson Servo 170 Studio Power Amplifier

A beefier version of the Servo 150, this one is rated at 85 Watts per Channel. With Balanced inputs. Fair cosmetic condition.

SWR Blonde Workingman's Combo amplifier, sn 0782.

An early version (1997) of the SWR stereo guitar/bass amplifier packed with features for recording, club dates, solo acoustic work. This is a one owner amp that has been very well cared for.
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Tannoy Reveal Active Monitor Pair

These are the original and apparently sought after Blue (Teal) versions. In very good condition. Priced per pair.

Wohler AMP1A 1 RU Audio Monitor

Wohler AMP1A 1 RU audio monitors, good condition, Modified and sold through ALTEL to work with a remote level control, All need 24VAC power supplies.
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Yamaha P2050 Power Amplifier (sn 6673)

Yamaha Pro-Series amp Natural Sound Power Amplifier; Balanced inputs, front panel controls, Phase switches on each channel. 45 WPC @ 8Ω. POOR cosmetics, great sounding amp.

Yamaha P2075C Power Amplifier (snNM01029)

Yamaha Pro-Series amp Natural Sound Power Amplifier; Balanced inputs, front panel level controls, 50 WPC @ 8Ω. Very good cosmetics, a sweet sounding amp.
$169.00 $119.00

Yamaha P-2100 Power Amplifier

Yamaha Pro-Series amp; Balanced inputs, front panel controls, Phase switches on each channel. 110 WPC @ 8Ω. This unit is on hold pending repair.
$239.00 $79.00

UNIVUER Audio Metering System over Composite Video signals.

The UniVUer generates bar graph meters over a video signal. The uniVUer is a 3 channel device, and this unit contains boards for 2 channels. Tested and working.