Overview of Services

  • System Consultation & Design for Corporate, Medical and Public facilities
  • Bid and Proposal Reviews
  • Electronic Repairs & Modifications for Recording Equipment
  • Equipment Inventory Appraisals for Auctions, Liquidations & Insurance Claims
  • Noise Control and Acoustical Consulting
  • Project Consultation & Management Services
  • Staff Training Services
  • System Specifications Formulated for RFPs or bid requests

Facility Design and Consulting Services for:

  • Corporate Offices, Conference Centers and Board Rooms
  • Public and Private Educational Facilities 
  • Recording studios of All Types and Sizes
  • Teleconferencing Centers
  • Video Studios and Edit Suites

If you are constructing a new facility, moving an existing one, or simply need to reconfigure existing space to incorporate new equipment, bibb technical can assist your company in avoiding many of the common issues overlooked in the design and construction processes.   

Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

For Tube or solid state gear, we offer troubleshooting and rebuilding services for a variety of pieces that may be irreplaceable.  We can resolve AC hum and the signal level problems between Professional and Consumer gear.

The knowledge and the skills needed to successfully operate and maintain even a small Studio or Edit suite are becoming a lost art.  If you have access to a systems engineer, you know that the cost of hiring one is very high. Knowing the basics of wiring techniques and distribution methods can save operators days of frustration wasted in a poorly wired environment.  bibb technical services can provide individualized training at a variety of skill levels, from beginner to system installer, for the independent studio or production company.

Once trained, you or your staff will have the ability to quickly interpret the symptoms of any of the typical failures that might arise. 

For the artists and musicians on a budget who prefer to do their own work, BTS offers training and consultation in all areas affecting the operation of your project studio.

Inexpensive Alternatives to New Equipment

bibb technical recycles all types of electronic equipment and resells parts and refurbished pieces to a variety of Artists, Musicians and Engineers involved in the Production of live and recorded media.