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Peter Lisand Tripod Adaptor Only, Model LQR-75

Quick release camera plate, used fair condition. Model LQR-75, the Camera adaptor Plate is NOT included. Measures 5.25"x3"x.675" thick.

Miller Pro Lock Two Tripod.

Miller Pro-lock Two: 3-Stage Aluminum sticks, no spreader, fair condition.
$249.00 $199.00

SOM Berthiot Television Zoom Lens.

This lens, along with a 1950 Zoomar TV lens are on consignment. Please feel free to email or call with any offers.
Call for pricing

Zoomar Television Lens, by Dr. Frank Back, serial number 40.

Frank Back's television Zoomar lens for early 1950s RCA TK series cameras. This lens along with a similar SOM Berthiot lens are on consignment. Please feel free to email or call with an offer.
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Sony Cable 16 Pin M to F extension cable

Sony cables, with 16 pin Male to Female connectors, fit Sony BVH One inch decks. They are approximately 10 feet long.

Canon VCL-713BX Zoom Lens, f1.4 sn 083075.

Canon video lens removed from Sony EVW300 Hi8 camcorder. In VVG condition. See notes for more information.

Kodak Wratten Gelatin filters, 3"x3"

A cache of Kodak Wratten Gelatin filters, all in original packaging, all opened and checked. The filters are part of a professional cinematographer's estate. Price is for the lot.

Varizoom VZ-Pro-L LANC lens Zoom Controller

This is Varizoom model VZ-Pro-L. Compatible with Sony & Canon cameras. Excellent condition.

Anton Bauer Ultralight 2, unlamped sn20675.

Camera light with power tap. Very good condition.

Anton Bauer Ultralight 2 with Diffuser

Camera light with power tap, Soft Light Box.

Portabrace C-BVV5 Camera Case

A Blue case for Sony Camera and BVV5 back, Good condition.

Portabrace RS-33 Camera Rain Shield

A black rain slicker for a variety of Professional Cameras. VVG condition.

Portabrace CO-PC Camera case

A beautiful padded case for a variety of Professional Cameras, See Full description for Camera list. VVG condition.

Fujinon SRD-51 Zoom Controller with Cable

Fuji SRD-51 with an MCA-1A mount. Standard thumb operated Zoom control for Fuji lenses, tested & complete with 8 pin cable.

Fujinon FMM-7** Focus Block (#2)

**This Block in unmarked, but is identical to a new FMM-7. The Fujinon FMM-7 is listed as the Focus module for an A7x7BRM lens. No other information was available at the time of this listing.

Fujinon FMM-7 Focus Block (#1)

Fujinon FMM-7 is listed as the Focus module for an A7x7BRM lens. No other information was available at the time of this listing.

ACA Focus Handle

Swiss made Focus Control handle with universal chain clamp. Condition is fair.

Fujinon CFH-1 + MCA-1A; Focus Controller with Cable

Fujinon CFH-1 Focus Controller with MCA-1A Clamp and cable. Condition varies Good to Very Good.
From $139.00

Canon Focus Controller with Cable

Canon F-Controller: a Tripod arm mounted, mechanical focus control with cable. In good condition.

26 Pin Multicore Camera Cable Breakout Boxes

Custom built 26 pin Female Breakouts provide every signal in CCU cable.
From $29.00

OConnor Model 55MC and Model 50D Head

O'Connor Model 55MC sticks with a Model 50D Fluid head, spreader & O'Connor case. An earlier model that has seen very little use in VVG condition.
Call for pricing

Sharp XC-A1 3 Tube Camera w Canon J15x9.5, for Parts.

Sharp 1985 ProVideo Color camera with a Canon f1.8 Zoom. Produces Bars but NO VIDEO Output. Please see full description.

Tiffen 72mm Star Filter

Tiffen 4 pt 2mm star filter in a 72mm mount. Good condition.

Panasonic WV-CP412 Cameras (For Parts or Repair)

Panasonic camera; Good lenses, poor image produced when tested, great for dummy camera or for repair/parts.
From $18.49

Sony CA-325 Camera adaptor

This is a Camera adaptor for the Sony DXC series and fits the DXC-325 Camera, along with some other models.

Panasonic WV-7330 Remote Control Unit #2

This is a Pan Tilt Zoom controller that is designed for a variety of security and monitor uses. This unit is missing a switch Paddle.

Global Streams Play Holoset LiteRing

Global Streams, the maker of The Trinity Play NLE system sold this as a lens mounted Green screen Emitter. A Revolutionary way to achieve High Quality Chroma Keys in the field or the studio.
Call for pricing

Beyer Dynamic DT 108.4 Headsets

These are single muff Beyer 108.4 intercom headsets, most are in VVG to VG condition, with a few appearing to be unused.
From $89.00

Panasonic VIewfinder Model PK-M055

Panasonic camcorder viewfinder with Shotgun mic and eyepiece.

Varizoom VZ-Pro-C Zoom Controller

This is Varizoom model VZ-Pro-C. It has an 8 pin cable and is compatible with most Broadcast lenses. Excellent condition.
$249.00 $169.00

Varizoom VZ-FC-C Focus controller, Canon Lenses.

Varizoom manual Focus control Model VZ-FC-C, for Canon lenses. VVG Condition.
$239.00 $179.00

Century Optics Nikon to 1/2" Lens adaptor

The Century Optics LA-NS50 is a lens adapter for mounting Nikon lenses onto 1/2-inch CCD bayonet-mount cameras.
$249.00 $229.00

JVC HZ-FM10U Focus control and cable

This is a JVC Remote camera lens focus control. Item includes handle, tripod handle mount and cable.

Canon TV Zoom J15x9.5B3 KRS lens

Canon video lens 9.5 to 143mm Zoom, f1.8.

Sony CA-537 Camera adaptor

This adaptor replaces various Beta and VHS backs for the DXC537/637, D30, and 327A.
$589.00 $195.00