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Ampeg B15N, 1961, SN 100334, recapped, reconditioned.

This is an early version of the classic B15, and it used a 2 piece baffle arrangement, with 8 vent slots feeding a short labyrinth. Local Pickup Only. Chassis photos available on request.
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Zaxcom Arria Systems, 7 pieces with manual.

Two Arria control surfaces, Zaxcom DMX, Arria DAM, BNC to db25 panel, Monitor and status panels. Please see full description. Shipping disabled for this item, please call or email.

Tascam Model 44 4 track Reel deck, sn54608

Quarter inch, 4 track deck, an early version from Teac/Tascam with front panel access to alignment controls. Local pickup only.

Vox Cry baby Vintage Wah pedal. sn1636786.

VOX model 95-910511, made in Italy for the Thomas Organ co. Has the Trash Can inductor. Has seen some use, works well.
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Otari MX5050 Capstan Motor Assembly, pn MR5A021

The Capstan motor and PCB control from an Otari MX5050 quarter inch machine. These motors were tested prior to removal from the various machines. No warranty or guarantee on any motor sales.
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Tascam 122 MKIII, Balanced I/O,sn 210203, good condition.

A late model Tascam 122 MKIII with the balanced audio option, very low hours, some scratches to the top of the front plate.

Buehler Products Floppy Disk Drive, 5.25" 1/2 height, NOS.

Buehler Products-Magnetic Peripherals of Oklahoma City, model 9428, In original packing, untested New Old Stock.

Otari MX5050 MR1C012: Take UP motor assembly

Motors removed from working MX5050 decks, includes brake assembly, solenoid and motor capacitor. Deck mount may not be included. All parts sales are final, no returns.

Motorola TIP147 Transistors

Motorola TIP147 PNP Darlington transistors, Priced per Pair.

Motorola MJ10005 Transistors, NOS. price per pair.

MJ10005 high speed, power switching in inductive circuits where fall time is critical. They are particularly suited for line operated switch-mode applications. Priced per pair.

Emulator Systems Emulator I, Model 6008, sn 487.

Emulator I, the 1st version of Emulator Systems Emulator line, a 4 Octave Keyboard sampling synthesizer, 500 were manufactured in 1982. Local Pickup Only. This Unit will not load any programs. Read full description.
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Radyne ComStream Digital Audio Receiver ABR202

Digital Audio Receiver with AES EBU I/Os, includes a 1RU Control Panel with Thumbwheel Setting. In Excellent condition, Untested by bts, sold AS IS.

Peter Lisand Tripod Adaptor Only, Model LQR-75

Quick release camera plate, used fair condition. Model LQR-75, the Camera adaptor Plate is NOT included. Measures 5.25"x3"x.675" thick.

Grass Valley Group TEN-X-L Control panel only.

A 10 Button Audio and Video source selector, 1 Rack Unit size, designed to control the TEN-X-L router remotely.

Vega R-42 A Pro Plus Diversity Receiver Dynex III sn7490DIII

Early wireless mic receiver from Vega (no transmitter). This unit is in excellent condition cosmetically except for the top of the case. Please read full description.

Sony BVE 910 Edit controller, sn10252.

Controls 6 machines via a BVE 910 mainframe. Connects with a mutipin DIN connector. Very good condition, working when decommissioned.

Cerwin Vega Horn tweeter PARTS

The metal horn and magnet from a Cerwin Vega 1" High Frequency driver. No diaphragm, or assembly hardware.

Cerwin Vega 1" Phenolic Dome Replacement Diaphragm

A 1" phenolic dome replacement for a Cerwin Vega horn. This is NOS, unused diaphragm, in original packing. No specifications were available at the time of this posting.

Cerwin Vega Phenolic Dome Horn tweeter

A Cerwin Vega Horn tweeter with a 1" phenolic dome. This unit works, but is being sold for parts. No specifications were available at the time of this posting.

ADC BJF207-4MKII Balanced 1/4" Audio patch panels

Removed from Edit and Production facility, these panels have a harness from the Jack Field to the QPC punch panel. Normals are accessed at the Jack Field.
From $40.00

AMX AutoPatch Precis Series PR-0804

Precis PR-0804 8x4 RGBHV Switcher with Balanced Stereo Audio, Very good condition.
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Centronics 36 to DB25 Cable 30 feet, Gold flashed.

A 36 pin Centronics Male to DB25 Male cable typical parallel printer cable for early computer systems. Lengths approximately 30'. Lightly used

Centronics 36 to DB25 Cables, Gold flashed.

These are 36 pin Centronics Male to DB25 Male cables, typical parallel printer cables for early computer systems. Lengths approximately 5'. Lightly used, if at all.

RCA Model 112S1 12" speakers, price is for pair.

Vintage mid 1950s 12" RCA speakers, AlNiCo magnets, sold as a pair, Date code indicates 1955 and 1950 as probable years of manufacture.

RCA Model 501S1 Hi Fi BiAxial 12 inch Speaker,

Vintage mid 1950s 12" BiAxial RCA speaker with 3" Hi Frequency driver. AlNiCo magnet, only one available. Date code indicates 1957 as year of manufacture.
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The Mindset Mouse, NOS, NIB, NS.

This is an original unused Mouse from the Mindset company, with DB 9 pin female connector, typical of Amiga and early PCs. Includes 12 Mindset disks. A rare find for computer collectors.

RCA Model 300W1 Cabinets, mid 1950s.

A pair of cabinets with baffles for 12" drivers, made from solid Honduras Mahogany, deep cherry stain. Very good condition, no drivers in these cabinets.
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Sun Microsystems Break Out cables, DB 26 Male to Video

Stock number 950-029714 Used, untested, removed from working systems. Video Signal Breakout, 26 Pin DB to 7 Video connectors.

Sun Microsystems Monitor cables, 13W3 M/F to HD15

Stock number 950-029698 REV E, Kycon 9632. HD15 male 'Y' Cable, to Male and Female 13W3. Used, untested, removed from working systems.
From $14.00

AKG CK9 Long Shotgun Capsule, sn4463.

An AKG Long Shotgun microphone, just tested with a 451 capsule and works fine. Good cosmetics.

Calibration Standard Instruments MDM-TA3 Time Align Monitors by E.M. Long

MDM-TA3 Mix Down Monitors by Ed Long's Calibration Standard Instruments of Oakland, CA. Very Good condition. Price is per pair.

1958 Fender Pro, sn S02420, 5E5A chassis, Jensen 15".

A late 1958 Fender Pro Amplifier with a 15 inch Jensen C15N speaker. Serial number S02420 Formerly a Tweed, it's been restored and recapped.
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Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff π Distorter/Compressor

The Original electro-harmonix DELUXE Big Muff π Effects Pedal that combines Fuzz, Compression, Sustain efx. Not a reissue. AC Powered, in original box, not NOS but close.
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Otari MX5050-BQ Amplifier Chassis, with Meters.

The 4 track Amplifier chassis includes 4 Meters, pots, switches and miscellaneous wiring and connectors. Amplifier cards and main amplifier PCB are not included.

Otari MX5050 Reel Spindle assembly: #KW0E038, KW0B017 1 each.

A replacement reel spindle Assembly for Otari MX-5050 machines. Otari Reel spindle, consists of the Reel Nails and Reel Drum (pn: KW0E038 and KW0B017 respectively). Price is for a single spindle.
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Otari MX5050 Reel Table (1)

A replacement reel table for Otari MX-5050 machines. Price is per single table.
From $25.00

Otari MX5050 Spooling Motor Assembly: Take up

The take-up motor assembly from an Otari MX5050-BQII, 4 channel quarter inch machine. Includes brake solenoid, brake band and drum.

Otari 4 track Head harness assembly, VG condition.

Head Harness from an Otari MX5050-BQII, 4 channel quarter inch machine.

Western Electric 417A vacuum tubes, NOS.

NOS Western Electric 417A, in original boxes.
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Ediquip Moviola Extension Arms (Horses), pair.

These are vertical extensions that attach to film rewinds. Used for hanging additional reels above the rewinds. Price is for 2.

Ediquip Moviola Style Tension Arms with Roller

Hinged Spring pivot arm with Roller. Will fit Moviola hand cranked rewinds. Good condition. Price is for one arm.
From $65.00

Ediquip-Moviola Film Rewinds, Model 1014-L (#02)

A pair of Film Rewinds, for table top mounting, in Working condition, Fair cosmetics. These can be used with most film sizes.

Ediquip Moviola model 1036 16mm Synchronizer, 6 position, sn0068.

A 16mm film sync block, 6 positions, in VG condition, overhauled, cleaned and lubed.

Japan Industries 10" Coaxial drivers, (Pair) NKS 5DG

A pair of 10 inch coaxial drivers, removed from Akai model SS-1210 cabinets. VG condition, tested, working, priced per pair.

JAN CHS 811, VT-217, Transmitter tubes, Sylvania, NOS.

Joint Army Navy 811 VT-217 Power triodes, made by Sylvania. Made in the USA. Tested on TV7.

General Electronics Inc. CDR 3B28 Rectifier, (866A replacement).

NOS General Electronics 3B28 Half Wave Gas Rectifier tube. Has UX 4 pin Base Made in the USA. Tests: 42 (min=40)

RCA 811A Transmitter tube #0114, NOS, NIB.

NOS RCA 811A Power triode, with crimped Plate (anode) construction. Made in the USA.

Amperex 811A Transmitter tube #0113, NOS, tests good.

NOS Amperex 811A Power triode, with heavier Plate (anode) construction. Made in the USA. Tested on TV7. Date code 78-08.

Sony DVW-A500 Alignment Tools

Sony Cassette Reference Plate J-6320-880-A

Peavy CEQ280a for PA or Instrument use.

A computer controlled midi graphic equalizer, balanced I/Os, very good condition.