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Garner (Audiolab) 2500 Industrial Demagger/Degausser **

A Garner CDS-2500A conveyor belt degausser, will erase Digital Video tapes, and media up to 2400 Oersted. Shipping by Buyer's arrangement only. Liquidating ALL inventory, Open to offers.
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Lafayette R-K152 4 Transistor Reel to Reel.

An early Japanese built battery powered recorder that is extremely low tech. It works, recommended for the collector. See full description..

SOM Berthiot Television Zoom Lens.

This lens, along with a 1950 Zoomar TV lens are on consignment. Please feel free to email or call with any offers.
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Zoomar Television Lens, by Dr. Frank Back, serial number 40.

Frank Back's television Zoomar lens for early 1950s RCA TK series cameras. This lens along with a similar SOM Berthiot lens are on consignment. Please feel free to email or call with an offer.
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Ocean Matrix Fire Wire 400 Switcher, Pair.

A passive 6 input Fire Wire selector by Ocean Matrix. Two available, one with a minipin (.125") power connector, one without. Price is for the pair.

Telestream ClipMail PRO Monitor, model CP1A.

A Telestream Monitor for the ClipMail Pro media exchange units. Untested, AS IS, without power supply.

Avid Adrenaline Rack mount BoB interface, sn YQJ443191

Avid Model 0020-03332-02 Rev C in VVG condition. Removed from a small working corporate suite. This unit does NOT have the HD expansion board, but does have SDI ports.

BTS (Broadcast Television Systems) PS-2001A Power supplies

Power supply modules from a Broadcast Television Systems (a Bosch and Philips company) Video/Audio router. Sold AS IS, for parts. Price is per unit.
From $29.00

Pioneer RU-V107 Convergence remote

NOS Pioneer RU-V107 Adjustment Control Unit for the Pioneer Multi Projection System, RM-V1000NU. New In box.

SONY BVV-5 Beta SP Back, sn12855

Beta SP back, tested with Playback adaptor, works perfectly. Approx 450 hours. Sold as is.

Videotek ADA-16 Audio DA

A 1/3 rd rack size, Balanced, 1x6 Mono Distribution Amplifier. Cosmetic Condition varies, all tested prior to shipping..
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Sharp XC-A1 3 Tube Camera w Canon J15x9.5, for Parts.

Sharp 1985 ProVideo Color camera with a Canon f1.8 Zoom. Produces Bars but NO VIDEO Output. Please see full description.

Panasonic WV-CP412 Cameras (For Parts or Repair)

Panasonic camera; Good lenses, poor image produced when tested, great for dummy camera or for repair/parts.
From $18.49

Belden 8281 RG59 Precision Video Cable

Unused Belden 8281 Precision Video cable, on wooden reels. Footage marked, this cable is suitable for Digital Video and Analog applications. Several reels available, well below market prices,
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Sony BC-20 Battery Charger, for parts.

This is a non-working Sony charger which was designed for Sony BP20A and BP-60 batteries. Unable to properly test, likely needs repair.

Panasonic AJ-D640P DVC Deck, Not Working

Panasonic AJ-D640P DVC Pro recorder with slo mo. Component (Y-PB-PR), Composite and S-Video in-outs. Displays error code 53, eating tape.
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Blonder Tongue AM Series Agile Modulators

Model AM 60-550, stock number 59412: 60 dbmV output through 550MHZ. Other versions available (60-450, etc.) Discounting all Blonder Tongue gear, Open to offers on the lot.
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Roland VS-880EX Workstation For REPAIR.

Roland VS-880EX Digital Audio Workstation, 8 inputs, full digital signal management and effects. Fair cosmetics,sold AS IS.