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Grass Valley Group Power Module for 8500 series frames

These have been removed from a variety of Grass Valley Group (GVG) 19" rack frames containing Video and Audio Distribution cards. SOLD AS IS, no returns.

BTS (Broadcast Television Systems) PS-2001A Power supplies

Power supply modules from a Broadcast Television Systems (a Bosch and Philips company) Video/Audio router. Sold AS IS, for parts. Price is per unit.
From $29.00

Bolex Paillard BX-55 Battery

Bolex BX55 battery pack. Working power supplies, these units may need new cells. Price is for one unit.

Anton Bauer Lifesaver 8 Hour Quad Battery Charger (Gold Terminals)

Anton Bauer 8 Hour Quad Battery Charging brick that allows you to efficiently charge up to four batteries simultaneously. Gold terminals VVG condition.
$159.00 $49.00

Anton Bauer ADM Discharger

This is a battery discharger and adaptor with a standard AB quick release. It is designed to properly discharge 12, 13 and 14 Volt batteries. Reduced!
From $25.00

FSR SP-3R Rack Power Switcher

A 2 RU Sequential Rack power switcher and 24VDC power supply.

Sony BC-20 Battery Charger, for parts.

This is a non-working Sony charger which was designed for Sony BP20A and BP-60 batteries. Unable to properly test, likely needs repair.

NRG Research Battery Belt only

The Power chassis has Dual outputs (4 pin XLR & Auto) along with Dual inputs for non-interrupt battery change.

NRG Research Belt only, See description.

NRG belt with charger, all of the batteries have been removed, along with connector cable. The Power chassis has Dual outputs (4 pin XLR & Car accessory port) along with Dual inputs for non-interrupt battery change.
Call for pricing

NRG Model 600 Ni-Cad Battery Charger

For Charging Power Pro and Power Max batteries. Can be used with NRG Battery Belts.

B&K Model 1645 Power Supplies

These are Lab grade regulated power supplies capable of delivering up to 10 Amps at 16 Volts DC. Perfect for powering 12 Volt Video Production Equipment!