ADC CP1142 Looping Plugs

These are Looping plugs for patch panels with jacks on 1.125" Centers. Please see full description....
Fabrikant: ADC
Beschikbaarheid:: 9 op voorraad

Similar to Trompeter LPW75, these Looping plugs appear to have RCA (.070") size center pins.  

These Looping Plugs are in good condition, with average wear to the handles. They will fit video Jacks on any panel that uses 1.125" (1 1/8") Jack Spacing, Horizontally or Vertically.

These offer an excellent way to apply Normals to a non-normalling patch bay without the clutter and waste using cables or the expense of normalling jacks.

Makes it easy to see signal routing at a glance.

PLEASE NOTE; the center pin diameter is unconfirmed at the time of this listing, but it is thought to be RCA (.070").