ADC/SwitchCraft Balanced, Switching Longframe Patch Panels

ADC/Switchcraft 48 and 52 point patch panels, balanced longframe 1/4'', single space, w/normals, Very Good condition, most removed from 1983 fixed installation.
Fabrikanten:: ADC , Switchcraft
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These are solder terminal patch panels, with 5 points per jack:  Tip, Ring, Sleeve, Tip Normal and Ring Normal.

Many of the panels still have the normals in place, along with short stubs from the original wiring.

The Sleeve (ground) connections are easily bussed with solid wire as the terminals are in-line and offset from the rest of the contacts.   This means you can easily  run a single 20" piece of copper wire through all of the Sleeve terminals in one row and buss all of the grounds together.

They offer tremendous flexibility in wiring all types of custom work.

If you need mults, half normalling or full normalling to a set of mults that can all be accomplished with one of these panels.    Very high quality construction with fully plated contacts and self wiping contacts.  


These panels vary slightly, but they share these characteristics:

  • Most manufactured by ADC, a few by Switchcraft, virtually indistinguishable
  • Balanced TRS jacks with Tip/Ring Normals
  • 1 RU, 
  • shallow depth, approx 4"
  • Insulated, ground isolating frames
  • M641/3-2 balanced, self wiping jacks
  • minimum of 48 points (jacks) per panel, most are 52 point
  • Designation Strips, some with plastic insert covers
  • none of these panels have travelled
  • All removed from climate controlled control rooms