Altec C61L condenser lavalier microphone

Altec C61L condenser lavalier microphones, made in Austria, 1980 vintage.   Many available, a fine sounding microphone with phantom power module.   All are missing the tie clip.
Fabricant: Altec
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These microphones were part of a multi-room, ceiling based, overhead recording system that was commissioned in 1981.  The microphones were installed and stayed in those positions until there removal in 2006, some 35 years later.  There is little physical wear to the bodies, cables or the capsules.  However the installation required that the beryllium spring tie clips be cut off and most of the mics still have a stub remaining along with some silicone caulk remaining around the head of the capsule.  . 

Please note that a number of these microphones may have low output.  They are being sold strictly as is with no guarantee.  Since there are more than 30 of them available, a tiered lot price is being offered for any buyers interested in refurbishing the non working capsules and bodies. 


Type: Electret condenser lavalier microphone
Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 15 kHz
Impedance: 200 ohms
Noise Level: Nominal 5.7 uV RMS, weighted DIN 95905
Sensitivity: -54 dBm/10 dynes/cm2*
Operating Temperature Range: Up to 55°C(131°F)
Pickup Pattern: Omnidirectional
Output Configuration: 2-wire, shielded, balanced output
Power Features: A) Phantom power per DIN 45596, 9 to 15 V dc
                            B) Battery, Mallory PX 23, 5.6 volts mercury cell (not included)
Battery Life: 550 hours
Current Drain: Less than 150 microamperes

*10 dynes/cm2 = 1 Pascal = 10 Microbars

Switch: Battery OFF/ON
Power Requirements: 1-20V@ 50 to 100 uA