ATI DP100 Audio Balanced converter

Provides +4 dbm, Balanced outputs for your consumer CD or tape player.
Fabrikant: ATI
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A unit very similar to the bi-directional MM-100, this box is designed to handle outputs only.   Very nice, easily tucked into most racks.

Dual -10db to +4 Balanced level converters, with RCA/stereo to Sterep XLR male connectors.  Providesl level matching and active signal balancing.

Another beauty from ATI.

GAIN:    -14 db nominal. -8db maximum. User adjustable for -10dBu (.25V) output with 0, +4 or +8dBm input

NOMINAL LEVELS:    +4dBm input, -10dBu (.25V) out

PEAK LEVELS:    +22dBm in, +8dBu (2.0V) out

MAXIMUM LEVELS    +28dBm in, +20.5dBu out

NOISE OUTPUT: 20-20kHz meas. band.    -90dBu maximum

HUM OUTPUT: 60, 120, and 180 Hz.    -96dBu maximum

DYNAMIC RANGE: Peak levels to Noise    98db minimum

HARMONIC DISTORTION: 20Hz to 20,000HZ    .02% max. at Peak Level, .005% max. at Nominal Level

INTERMOD. DISTORTION: SMPTE, 7k/60Hz, 4:1    .005% max at Peak and Nominal Levels.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE:  +0. -.25db, 20 to 20,000Hz. -3db at .5Hz and 150kHz

CROSSTALK: 70db minimum at 10kHz In all nodes

INPUT HUM REJECTION: Common Mode SignaIs    60db minimum. Internal trimmer

INPUT IMPEDANCE:    Balanced. 20kohm bridging; Split and RF Bypassed

OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:    Unbalanced, 1500 ohms max Zs. Outputs May be paralleled for mono.

SLEW RATE:    13V/uSec

RISE TIME: Peak Level Square Wave    2 uSec.