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Audio Accessories Bantam -9 Pin patch panel

A 1 RU, single row data/editing patch bay with designation strip. VG condition.

Audio Accessories 52 point 1/4'' LongFrame balanced patch panels

Audio Accessories 52 pt 1/4 inch LongFrame balanced patch panels, Normals Strapped, 2 RU, Fully Enclosed, ADC punchdown, Excellent build quality.
€176,12 €67,32

Audio Accessories 64 point 1/4'' 1 RU Longframe Balanced panel

This panel is a high density 1/4 inch longframe bay with 64 jacks in a Single Rack Unit. In addition, all of the normals are brought out to punch for maximum flexibility.
€169,32 €114,92

Audio Accessories 96 point TT (Bantam) 2 RU Patch panels

Audio Accessories 96 point TT (Bantam) patch panels, with Chrome Plated jacks, Normals Strapped, 2RU, ADC Punch Down.
A partir de €60,52

Blank Patch Panels Audio Accessories 20 position RGB

Audio Accessories RGB Video panels with 20 RGB positions (60 ports) on a 2RU panel.

Blank Patch Panels Audio Accessories 48 position

48 position Audio Accessories 2 RU blank patch panel.
A partir de €6,80