Audio Accessories Bantam -9 Pin patch panel

A 1 RU, single row data/editing patch bay with designation strip. VG condition.
Fabricant: Audio Accessories
Disponibilité: En stock

This panel uses 5 wire connections between a DB9 connector and a PAIR of Bantam jacks.   The jackfield pairs are labelled A1, B1, A2, etc. through B12.   Using standard 9 pin editing cables you could bring 24 machine Edit lines to patch.  All of the adjacent (Ax/Bx) patch pairs are normalled, so no patch cables are needed unless you need to change the Normalled setup. 

Standard TT cables can be used and you would need 2 per patch.  There is another style of polarized paired TT patch cords designed specifically for this application.  

The panel is 8 inches deep.   It is in excellent condition, and appears to be unused old stock. 

Audio Accessories makes an outstanding patch panel.   Their jack assemblies are chrome plated and resist wear and corrosion better than anything I've ever seen.  Super high quality that's obvious at the first glance.

Here's some information from their website:

Jack highlights

• .078” Western Electric #1 gold alloy contacts.

• Hot-solder-dipped terminals, fanned for ease in wiring.

• Additional ground terminal, offset for busbar.

• Nylon support bumper ensures solid contact.

• Jack frame and bushing are plated with copper, nickel and bright chrome

Audio Accessories, Inc. manufactures a standard line of audio long-frame 1/4” jacks and panels. All assemblies are made to the exacting specifications you’ve come to rely on over the past 50 years. Each panel is machined in-house from a single solid piece of 19” wide phenolic with a smooth black suede finish on the panel face. Each jack is hand-adjusted and inspected to ensure years of fail-proof patching.

Audio Accessories, Inc.

25 Mill Street, P.O. Box 360, Marlow, New Hampshire 03456
603/446-3335 Fax 603/446-7543