Clearcom MS-808A Main Station

Clearcom 8 Channel Main Station is perfect for any TV or Post Production Control Room. With 8 individual Channels this station controls all of your communications throughout the facility.
Fabrikant: Clearcom
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This unit has been tested and relamped.  Only the Front Panel Headset function has Not been tested and all 8 Intercom channels are in working order.

The MS-808A has a male XLR connection for each Channel for a total of 8 outputs. These can be looped and paralleled through RM-120As, belt packs and Mult panels using standard Mic cable wiring.

Main Front Panel Features:

  • Program Volume
  • SideTone Volume
  • Intercom Volume
  • Gooseneck Mic
  • Headset Jack
  • All Page button
  • Stage Announce (SA) button
  • Call Button
  • 8 Momentary/Constant on Talk Switches 

There are internal jumpers that allow setting up split IFB and Program feeds.

There are separate Program inputs, External Speaker output and a Stage Announce output.

The MS-808A is capable of driving 13 remote stations with Speakers, or 100 Headset Stations.

This from the Clearcom Manual:

The DLC Series contains the "MS-808" and "IS-808" Station mainframes; the CH-4 and IFB-4 Control Modules; the SP-4 Speaker Module; and related accessories including a Four-Wire Interface Unit (Model IF4-4) and a fully-integrated Program Interrupt System (Model PIC-4 IFB Controller and IFB Talent Receivers TR- 50/TR-62).  

The DLC Series is a high-performance intercom system designed for teleproduction and broadcast studios, although its features, versatility, and reliability make it ideal for commercial or industrial use. Its innovative solid-state circuitry and digital logic control enable programmable two-way communications in a "Party- Line" or a Point-to-Point intercom system. With the addition of Clear-Com's interface units, the System can link with many 2, 3, and 4-wire communications devices, including television cameras, telephone lines, and other intercom systems such as RTS or Roh.

DLC Station Features:
1) FULL SYSTEM CAPABILITY-- each DLC Station is self-powered. The IS Station contains a regulated power supply; the MS Station's regulated power supply is slightly larger, so it can support an intercom system containing standard remote headset or speaker stations. Each MS/IS mainframe provides "power on" and short-circuit indication, and is circuit-breaker-protected.

2) BUILT-IN ASSIGNMENT MATRIX--a 9 x 10 slide-switch matrix inside the MS/IS Station assigns each set of channel controls (A through H) to the inputs connected to the rear panel. The Matrix also assigns your dedicated line to the desired destination, or lets you "park" it in an "OFF" (disabled) position.

3) VERSATILE MONITORING SYSTEM-- With the CH-4 Control Module, the DLC Station operator can access any channel with one of the two switches assigned to it.The Listen control is a locking pushbutton that illuminates dimly whenactivated, and the Talk control is a 3-position toggle switch with lock-on, momentary-on, and off settings.
4) HANDS-FREE DEDICATED LINE--allows the MS/IS operator to maintain permanent, point-to-point communications with another Station operator. A point-to point system can be configured to contain up to nine stations.
5) PROGRAM MONITORING--the MS/IS Station has a balanced auxiliary input for monitoring an external program; the operator hears the program in the speaker or in a headset, and may send the program to any channels so Remote Stations can monitor it also. A front panel Program volume control adjusts the level, and the CH-4 Control Module contains trimpots for adjusting program level on each channel.
6) STAGE ANNOUNCE FUNCTION--the MS/IS Station operator can add the Station's 0 amplified mic output to an external connector. The output is line level balanced, and works in conjunction with a "speaker mute" function provided on the rear panel.
7) VISUAL CALL SIGNALLING--attracts the attention of other Station operators; also used to activate remote control of KB-112 Stations.
8) ULTRA-STABLE SIDETONE CONTROL--suppresses feedback when using a mic and speaker simultaneously
9) MIC LIMITER-- part of the Station's mic preamplifier, the mic limiter prevents overload and maintains constant signal levels
10) GOOSENECK MIC--a noise-cancelling electret mic on an field-adjustable flexible extension is permanently attached to the MS/IS mainframe.
11) EXTERNAL SPEAKER--the MS/IS Station provides a jack on the rear panel for connecting the Station to an external speaker

Special DLC System Features:
1) CHANNEL ISO-- allows the Station operator to hold a private conversation
with any channel(s) without having to turn off the "talk" monitor switches
for all other channels.
2) OPTIONAL PROGRAM INTERRUPT (IFB) PACKAGE--includes the IFB-4 Control Module,
the PIC-4 Program Interrupt Controller, and one or more Talent Receivers,
for a fully-integrated IFB System with four channels of intercom and four
channels of IFB. Other combinations are possible. The DLC System is
available with up to eight intercom channnels and eight IFB channels.
3) CAMERA INTERFACE--the IF4-4 Four-Wire Interface allows TV camerapeople (operating
three-wire or four-wire systems) to communicate with Clear-Com
System operators
Interconnect Cable Required:
DLC Stations interconnect with 12-pair cable; the rear panel of each unit has
one or two 30-pin male connectors for output/input. This manual provides detailed
diagrams to help the user construct the DLC interconnect cable, putting a
FEMALE 30-pin ("Tuchel" type) connector at each end.