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Crestron CNRFGWA RF receiver, less power supply.

RF receiver that allows Crestron 433MHz 1-way wireless touch panels and handheld remotes to communicate with a control system.
A partir de €162,52

Crestron CNRFT-32A RF wireless control panel

The CNRFT-32A is a low cost, full-function radio frequency keypad that may be used as a dedicated wireless controller for audio, video and environmental functions. Requires CNIRGW or CNRFGWA wireless receiver.

Crestron CP-2 Control Panel

Crestron CP-2 2-series engine compact control system. These were working when removed, untested by bts and sold As Is. Price is per unit.
A partir de €155,72

Crestron Cresnet IIP Media Control System

This unit is very similar to the Cresnet IIMS. It is untested beyond a simple power up.

Crestron ST-VC Remote Level & EQ

Crestron ST-VC is a digitally controlled 3-channel audio attenuator. Balanced I/Os, ±12db @ 100HZ and 10KHZ.
A partir de €26,52