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DBX 150 Type I Noise Reduction. sn U1506032

DBX150 typeI Noise Reduction -10db encoder/decoder, in VG condition. Front panel record and Playback level controls.
€101,32 €87,72

DBX 157 Stereo Noise Reduction

DBX 157 stereo encode/decode, works with stereo recorders or dbx encoded discs. dbx is an excellent noise reduction system.
€101,32 €80,92

DBX 158 Frame, with 410 Noise Reduction Cards

dbx 158 rack frame with 9 dbx 410 Noise reduction cards.
€298,52 €264,52

DBX 160x Limiter, sn: U1602486

dbx 160X Limiter, Fair Condition, With TRS & terminal strip I/Os. Earlier version manufactured in Japan.

DBX 165 Compressor/Limiter

DBX165 compressor/limiters sn 1300,1698. Just out of storage. VG cosmetic, bal I/O, Classic, great sounding.
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DBX 166 Compressor/Limiter

Good condition. Separate detector input enables an outboard processor to control compression or gating. Stereo or dual-mono operation of gating and compression, with hardwire bypass for each channel.
€155,72 €128,52

DBX 900 Frame with 903, 904 and 905 modules

dbx 900A series frame with 6 903 limiters, 2 905 EQ modules, 1 904 Noise gate and power supply. Sold as is, please read full description.
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DBX II Model 142

DBX II Model 142 Broadcast Noise Reduction System, balanced I/O. Stereo, 2 RU, Encode/Decode/Bypass for tape, disc. Cinch Jones I/O connector, Very Good condition.