AJA D10A RGB to SDI converter

AJA D10A: • Excellent-Quality 10-bit A/D Conversion • Component Analog to SDI • Full 10-bit signal path • 3 serial outputs • Multi-Format • Normal/Wide V-blanking • 2 loop-through serial outputs • Free Shipping!!
Manufacturer: Aja
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THis unit is factory set for the RGB standard.   This unit comes with the factory power supply and has is working perfectly.  New units are selling for $700. 

Specifications from AJA's literature.

• YPbPr (SMPTE • EBU/N10) • Betacam • or RGB • 3 x BNC • External Sync, 1 x BNC

• 3 SDI, 3 x BNC A/D Converters:
• 10-bits

Frequency Response:
• Y +/- .25dB to 5.5MHz • C +/- .25dB to 2.5 MHz

• +5VDC Regulated • 3 watts • Requires Power Supply

• 5.8” x 3.1” x 1” (147 x 79 x 25 mm)

The D10A provides exceptional quality component-only analog to 10-bit SD-SDI. The superior quality of this
10-bit A/D converter has made it a favorite of the professional video engineer. The D10A is pre-set at the factory
to accept either YPbPr (SMPTE, EBU/N10), Betacam, or RGB in 525 or 625 line formats, converting the analog
component signal to 10-bit SDI. The D10A has three BNC’s for one component input, one external sync input, and
three SDI outputs. Input formats can be reset by internal jumpers and level/gain controls.