Bittree HD Video Patch Panel

24 normalling Bittree 2WNHD/S Jacks in an insulated Audio Accessories frame
Manufacturer: Bittree
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Please note the photos show the Bittree 2WHD/S Jacks loaded into an RGB Panel.  The photos are for reference purposes, and the panels are in line 48 point panels.     

24 normalling Bittree 2WHD/S Jacks in an insulated Audio Accessories panel

Bittree video jacks feature a 75-ohm high-frequency and BNC rear interface, and are designed for exceptional performance in conventional analog applications such as monitor routing, primary routing, re-routing, router backup and video distribution, as well as in high bit-rate applications such as HDTV, SDI, AES and high-resolution computer graphics.

Jack Specifications

30,000 minimum insertion cycles
True 75ohm impedance with low return loss
High-bandwidth performance
Jacks conform to SMPTE 259M and SMPTE 292M
BNC rear interface
Jacks rated from DC to 3 GHz
Available in terminated or non-terminated configurations