Maestro Rhythm Master MKII sn12695

Maestro Rhythm King MRK II in good working condition, cosmetically rates Good to Fair. See description and photos for details.
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Overall the unit is in Fair to Good condition cosmetically.  You'll see in the photos some scratches to the Aluminum on the front panel, in the area of the switches and buttons on the horizontal rail just above the buttons.  All of the knobs, controls and cables are original.

There are some white marks on the vinyl near the rear compartment, with a few places where the covering has come loose from the wood frame. 

 All Electronic functions on the unit work fine with clean audio output.  All of the switch selections, foot switch, pilot and Beat indicator lights are working as well.  If you're unfamiliar with these units, all of the switch selections engage multi-pole interlocking mechanisms that are hardwired for each particlular beat combination.  With this box, you don't have to worry about any ROM getting toasted. 

The switching mechanism is reliable and craves frequent use.  Lack of use or poor storage conditions will lead to oxidation of the silver contacts so it'll be time to get out the DeOxit.

This is one of the cheesier sounding boxes you will find.  The sounds are 1960s analog approximations of snares, cymbals and claves.  Like some campy films, these sounds are so bad that they'll keep you coming back for more. 

Beat selections:

  • Bossa Nova
  • Samba
  • Bolero
  • Rumba
  • Cha Cha
  • Mambo (Everybody does the Mambo)
  • Tango
  • Slow Fox
  • Slow Rock
  • Swing I & II
  • Dixie
  • Shuffle
  • Go-Go
  • Swing Waltz
  • Waltz
  • March Polka
  • Western.

Manual sounds:

  • Bass drum
  • Snare drum
  • Hi Hats
  • Cymbal
  • Tom Tom
  • Bongo
  • Blocks
  • Clave