Otari CB-110 Remote for MX-5050 8 Track (no sn.)

Otari CB-110 remote control with 30' cable, good condition, fully tested and working.
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The CB-110 offers full (wired) remote control for Otari MX5050 8 track machines.  This remote is in good condition, with little noticeable wear to the surface.  It has been tested with an Otari MX5050 MKIII-8 machine, and is in good working condition.  

A strain relief and spiral cover have been added to the remote end of the cable jacket.  These cables use 50 pin Honda connectors with spring locks and hold down screws.

The CB-110 gives the operator full control of tape movement, individual track settings (PB/SelRep/Input) and Safe/Ready selections for all 8 channels.  

It has an LED counter driven by the deck electronics which includes a one button Memory (return to zero) function.