Epicure, EPI Model 400+ Towers

An Uncommon model from Epicure, famous for their introduction of the 'Air Spring' tweeter. Fair cosmetic condition, they perform flawlessly and sound wonderful.
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These towers have a woofer/tweeter pairing on all 4 sides, for a total of 16 drivers in the pair. With all of those drivers, the sound field varies more than most speakers with changes in distance from walls and corners. That said, you wouldn't think that 4 6" woofers would produce the deep, solid low end response that these are capable of, but these towers are tight down into the low 30Hz range, even at significant volumes.

All of the woofers have been refoamed, and all 16 drivers are working perfectly.

The cabinets are in fair condition overall, and all of the grills are in fair to good condition, with one badge missing. The grills are being left unattached to allow for driver inspection. Epicure saw fit to use copious amounts of adhesive to attach the heavy, Masonite frames and removing them left a considerable amount of residue on the grill frames and the cabinets.

The cabinets are very solidly constructed which is immediately apparent upon listening--there is no discernible box resonance.

Available for pickup or delivery through buyer's agent.   These are simply to large and heavy to be shipped via any of the usual carriers.

Here are the Physical specifications:

Dimensions: 38" x 14" x 14"
Weight: 90 lbs
Response: 32 to 20k Hz
RMS Power: 30 to 250 watts
Crossover: 1800 Hz
Four 6" woofers
Four 1" air spring dome tweeters
Impedance: 8 ohms
MSRP: 900.00
Built: 1974 - 80