Fujinon CFH-1 + MCA-1A; Focus Controller with Cable

Fujinon CFH-1 Focus Controller with MCA-1A Clamp and cable. Condition varies Good to Very Good.
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Fujinon CFH-1 Focus Controllers with MCA-1A Clamp and a 3' cable.   A back focus control with Tripod arm clamp and cable.  The overall condition varies from Good to Very Good, with clean grips and all of the knobs and hardware in good working order. 

There is a slight difference in the knobs used on the MCA1 clamps; one pair uses a slightly flared knob and the other pair used straight (cylindrical) knobs.   They are the same in other respects.

The tripod arm bracket will fit a variety of arm shapes and sizes.   

The cable is 3' long, with a 3/16" wide x 1/4" long  (5 x 6mm) tab on each end.   The flex cable has bright chrome fittings with a heavy black poly cover.