Jensen C8-TM C7586 closed back Midrange, 4 hole mount.

Removed from a working Jensen TF-4 cabinet. This is an 8" ribbed surface paper cone driver, with 1" voice coil, ceramic magnet. Date code 220506.
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Overall in VVG condition, cosmetically and electically.  

8Ω Impedance, 6.5Ω DCR.  No manufacturer specifications were available at the point of this posting.  The Jensen TF-4 crossover range for this driver was from 600 Hz to 4KHz.

We have a second C8-TM driver from an identical TF-4 cabinet, but it uses an 8 hole basket instead of the 4 hole type used in this unit.  These 2 speakers appear to be identical in every way, and Jensen switched to a different style basket later in production.