Koss K-6 Headphones

Vintage 70s headphones, in funky Earth Tone styling! Excellent NIB condition.
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This set is NOS, in the original box with tag and warranty registration card.  The box itself is rough and missing the top.  

The ear muffs, cord, head band and top (head band) foam are in perfect condition.   The color scheme is a reminder that these babies were popular around the time people were buying avocado colored refrigerators, tan vinyl sofas and Kalso Earth shoes.  


  • Response 10-16000 Hz
  • Impedance 100Ω @ 1K Hz, will operate with any source Ω from 3 to 600Ω
  • SPL @ 1% THD @ 1KHz:  137db (ouch)
  • 10' retractible Cord
  • Foam filled Vinyl cushions
  • Headband is extendable, self adjusting, pivoting
  • 1 pound less cable