Mark Of The Unicorn (MOTU) MIDI Time Piece II

Motu Midi Time Piece 2, Good condition, Panic button cover is missing.
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Removed from a working home studio rack setup, this unit is in Good condition and has never traveled.   All of the front panel controls work but we have not retested the unit with any MIDI signals since it was removed from the studio. 

Classic MOTU Midi controller, with 8 ins and 8 outputs on the rear panel and 2 MIDI ports on the front.   This unit is in good condition overall, and is missing the cap for the Panic button. 

It has 8 pin MiniDIn ports to connect to:

  • Computer
  • Peripherals (Modem, Printer)
  • Network

Along with 1/4 Jacks for:

  • SMPTE Time code In
  • SMPTE Time code Out
  • Pedal A and B