Math Fiber, FR1220 Fiber Optic AV Transceiver

Math Fiber Optic Audio/Video Transmitter, Balanced stereo audio, Composite video, Transmitter and Receiver Pair. Six pairs available.
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These units are untested except for power up and being sold striclty as is.

  • Transmitter and Receiver included
  • 2 power supplies
  • manual included

Both units utilize linear modulation and wide-band low noise circuitry to transmit high quality video and two channels of audio signals in accordance with NTSC, or PAL specifications.  The unit will work with both balanced or unbalance Audio signals.

Both multimode and single-mode fiber versions are available and installation only requires a simple one-minute adjustment to set the desired audio and video output levels. In addition, integral indicators are provided on both units to continuously indicate the presence of all signals as well as the presence of operating



Specifications*     Important Features
Video Bandwidth (min)  8 MHz (+0, -3dB)    · 8 MHz Video Bandwidth
Audio Bandwidth (min)  15 KHz (+0,-3dB)    · 15 KHz Audio Bandwidth
Input / Output Impedance  Video: 75 ohms
 Audio: 600 ohms
   · Balanced or Unbalanced
Signal / Noise Ratio  60 dB minimum    · Signal & Power Indicators
Differential Phase / Gain  3.0º / 3.0 % maximum    · Single model for stand
     alone or rack mount
Stereo Separation  60 dB    · Din Rail Mount Option
Optical Output Power  -16 dBm (multimode),
 -16 dBm (single-mode)
Optical Loss Budget  0-13 dB (multimode),
 0-13 dB (single-mode)
Signal Connectors  Video: BNC
 Audio: Terminal block
Power Requirements  11-24 VAC/DC @150mA    
Physical Size  5.0” x 3.0 x 1.0"
127mm x 76mm x 25.4mm