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UNIVUER Audio Metering System over Composite Video signals.

The UniVUer generates bar graph meters over a video signal. The uniVUer is a 3 channel device, and this unit contains boards for 2 channels. Tested and working.

Sony LVR3000N

Sony Laser disk recorder, VVG condition with original packing, operating manual included.
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Jensen C10PF 10" Flexair woofers C78956 (pair #2)

Removed from Jensen TF-3 cabinets. A pair of Jensen 10" woofers, Date code: 220116. These units are identical. Price is for the pair.

Farfisa BT40 15" Combo Bass and Keyboard amp. sn A217/113

A solid cabinet, hand built with a simple 2 input amplifier and a Cast Frame 15" driver. Portions of the covering are torn, especially on the right rear edges. Local Carrier pickup only.
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BTS (Broadcast Television Systems) Video Router cards

A set of 8 pcbs from a Broadcast Television Systems (a Bosch and Philips company) Video/Audio router. Sold AS IS, for parts. Price is for the lot of 8 pcbs.

Sony Betacam test tapes, set of 4.

Sony Beta NTSC Alignment test tapes: Test signals (metal), Test signals (Oxide), Audio test, Tracking test. Used and sold as is price is for set of 4 tapes..

JK Audio Broadcast Host Telephone Interface

A compact desktop phone interface for splitting caller and talent audio. Good Condition with power supply.

Crestron AXP-CCS Softwire Camera Center

Crestron PTZF dual joystick camera controller, uses a 4 pin mini XLR to connect to your system. This unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, UNTESTED by bts.

Power Soak by Tom Sholz, Model II, (sn 82 1945)

A 1982 resistance method to run your guitar amp for optimum crunchiness. This is a one owner piece, still in the original packing. Excellent condition. Works exactly as designed.

Jensen C10PF 10" Flexair woofers (pair #1)

Removed from Jensen TF-4 cabinets. A pair of Jensen 10" woofers, Date codes: 220738, 220508. These units are identical except for the basket style and date codes. Price is for the pair.

Lawson L47MP Tube Microphone: sn551

A beautiful gold Lawson Tube microphone in Excellent condition. Complete with 2 Mogami extension cables and Pelican case.
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Vifa D25AG 1" Aluminum Dome Tweeters, Pair.

These are USED drivers from a pair of ACI (Audio Concepts Inc.) 3 way cabinets. This pair dates from the late 80s. Please email or call for pricing.
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