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Zoomar Television Lens, by Dr. Frank Back, serial number 40.

Frank Back's television Zoomar lens for early 1950s RCA TK series cameras. This lens along with a similar SOM Berthiot lens are on consignment. Please feel free to email or call with an offer.
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Ampex 350 Reel Table Trim rings (pair).

These have been removed from an Ampex 350 1/4" Deck plate. They have studs for mounting to the deck. Good condition, see notes.

Altec Model 67A Filter, sn 391521 #113. (Altec 67-A)

This Early Altec 67-A is a passive filter assembly with a 68A Low Pass and a 69A High Pass filter, a Vintage Altec tool from a small film editing studio. Good condition. (Early Version of ALTEC 9067)
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SWR Blonde Workingman's Combo amplifier, sn 0782.

An early version (1997) of the SWR stereo guitar/bass amplifier packed with features for recording, club dates, solo acoustic work. This is a one owner amp that has been very well cared for.
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Amperex (Holland) Plumbicon, pn XQ1020G (Green)

A used Plumbicon, stored in the original shipping tube. Cosmetically good, but labeled "Spots" and the operational usefulness is unknown.

AJA Model C10SP SMPTE 259M Serial~ Parallel Transcoder

AJA C10SP Serial to Parallel Transcoder. SDI SMPTE 259 to Parallel (MultiStandard), BNC Looping input to 25 pin D connector. With Power supply. Free Shipping to Lower 48!
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Advocate Noise Reduction Unit-Model 101

Advent's Model 101 Dolby noise reduction unit. A dolby B type encode/decode unit for consumer tape formats.
€108.12 €80.92

ADC 96 point TT (Bantam) patch panels: BJF403-4MKII

ADC 96 point TT (Bantam) patch panels, Normals brought out, with 4' harness for flexible mounting options. pn BJF403-4MKII
€237.32 €101.32