North Hills Electronics Model 1119PA Isolation Transformer

North Hills Electronics 1119PA Noise Isolation Transformer with a DC-25MHz Bandwidth. A high quality video Transformer that is increasingly hard to find.
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This transformer uses the same package as the Model 1116PA.    This is a Humbucking design, with the transformer windings in series between the source and load, thus the response down to DC.   Isolation transformers are inductively coupled, with a low frequency response cutoff at approximately 25HZ.

There is some wear to the label on the top of the case, along with some wear on the paint on the sides of the case.  The connectors are in excellent condition.  

For ground isolation in video and data transmission systems. Input and output impedances are insulated from ground and from each other. These devices discriminate against false voltages resulting from the flow of undesired currents between the LO sides of the source and a remote load Major objective in their use are:

Removal of "humbars" or other interference in Broadcast, Telecommunications and CCTV applications
Eliminate interference due to differences in ground potential or induced common-mode noise cost effectively
These transformers are great for eliminating noise picked up through ground loops and long coaxial runs.