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General Radio W10MT3 Autotransformer (Variac)

Infinitely variable 120 Volt AC Supply, 10 Amp Capacity, Good condition.

IDX ION-4 Lithium-ION Battery Charger

A 4-Channel Lithium Ion Simultaneous NP-Style Quick Charger, VG condition.

Anton Bauer ADM Discharger

This is a battery discharger and adaptor with a standard AB quick release. It is designed to properly discharge 12, 13 and 14 Volt batteries. Reduced!
From €37.40

Anton Bauer Lifesaver 8 Hour Quad Battery Charger (Gold Terminals)

Anton Bauer 8 Hour Quad Battery Charging brick that allows you to efficiently charge up to four batteries simultaneously. Gold terminals VVG condition.
€108.12 €60.52