Projection, A/V, Film & Lighting Gear

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Arriflex 16mm Magazines

These are 16mm mags for the Arriflex 16M camera.
From £289.75

Arriflex Blimps for 16mm magazines

These 2 covers fit the Arriflex 1200' Magazine for the Arri 16M.

AVL Data Booster Isolator

These units were used for Multi-Image slide presentations to buffer the Modulated Pulses being sent to the slide projector controllers. No other information is available regarding this unit. Made by Audio Visual Labs.

Barlow Adaptor for Navitar Lenses: 1.16x, Defect in glass!

This is a 1.16x multiplier for Navitar 35mm slide projection lenses. It fits between the focus tube and the rear element, turning a 7" lens into 8.12", 9" to 10.44", etc. This piece has a small crack in the rear element.