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Raynox 100-150mm (4"-6") Zoom lens, f3.5 FF

A High quality 35 Slide projection lens. Solid construction, much better optically than most standard Zooms, an inexpensive alternative to the Navitar and Buhl products.

Raynox 100-200mm (4"-8") Zoom lens, f3.5

An Excellent 35 Slide projection lens. Solid construction, better optically than any standard Kodak Zoom, inexpensive alternative to Navitar and Buhl products.
From £12.19

Roland DM80 L Locking Resolver

These units are in like new condition. They are designed to lock the DM80 with VTRs, Audio tape machines, etc.
From £72.59

Universal Filter Holder

Universal gelatine filter holder.