RTS 444 Dual Buffer Amp PAIR

A PAIR of stereo, BiDirectional, Balanced to Unbalanced converters in a 1 RU package.
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A solidly built +4 to -10 db converter for integrating Consumer or semiprofessional audio into your studio.   These units feature the typical RTS build quality and are built for long lasting service.   A Recording studio quality audio interface.

These units also feature oversized output transformers for exceptional Low Frequency Response and extraordinary Headroom.

Each 1/2 rack unit will handle a stereo device (2 inputs, 2 outputs); this item will convert both inputs and outputs for 2 stereo devices (cassette deck, Video Deck, etc.)


  • Transformer Coupled Balanced Outputs
  • Front Panel Level Controls
  • NE5532 OP Amps
  • Glass epoxy PCB
  • Fully Shielded construction
  • Dual Voltage Power Supply
  • Socketed ICs
  • Precision components throughout
  • 1/2 Rack Sizing

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