Sharp XC-A1 3 Tube Camera w Canon J15x9.5

Sharp 1985 ProVideo Color camera with a Canon f1.8 Zoom. Produces Bars but NO VIDEO Output. Please see full description.
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PLEASE NOTE>>This unit is for parts or repair.   It powers up and the Bar generator outputs a stable test signal.   We were unable to get any picture when switched to the Camera setting.  

The package includes the following:

  1. Camera Body with top handle
  2. Canon Lens

There is no Viewfinder or Power supply included with this sale.  The camera is powered using any standard Video 12 VDC 4 pin supply.

Features and Specs:

  • 3 Tube, 2/3" MF Saticon Video
  • Designed for ENG or Studio Config
  • Canon J15x9.5B4 KRS Lens
  • Auto Black
  • Auto White
  • +9/+18 Gain Switch
  • 4 position Color Temp filter
  • 500 Lines H res
  • 400 Lines V res