Sharp XC-A1 3 Tube Camera w Canon J15x9.5

Sharp 1985 ProVideo Color camera with a Canon f1.8 Zoom. Produces Bars but NO VIDEO Output. Please see full description.
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PLEASE NOTE>>This unit is for parts or repair.   It powers up and the Bar generator outputs a very stable test signal.   We were unable to get any picture when switched to the Camera setting.   We could easily sell the lens for this price alone.

The package includes the following:

  1. Camera Body with top handle
  2. Canon Lens

There is no Viewfinder or Power supply included with this sale.  The camera is easily powered using any standard Video 12 VDC 4 pin supply.

Features and Specs:

  • 3 Tube, 2/3" MF Saticon Video
  • Designed for ENG or Studio Config
  • Canon J15x9.5B4 KRS Lens
  • Auto Black
  • Auto White
  • +9/+18 Gain Switch
  • 4 position Color Temp filter
  • 500 Lines H res
  • 400 Lines V res