Sound Effects CDs (3): Star Trek, Wolves, All Purpose EFX

3 Sound Effects CDs; Star Trek EFX, Sounds of the Wolves, Digital Encyclopedia of various sounds.
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Star Trek fans, one CD in this group has all of the sounds from the original TV series, including Enterprise sound effects, Tribbles, Phaser sounds, Transporter sounds, Sickbay Scanners, Photon torpedos and Romulan Ship sounds.  

This package includes these 3 CDs:

  • GNPD 8010 Star Trek Sound Effects- Original T.V. Series Sound Effects : GNP Crescendo Records, Paramount Pictures
  • CMM 632-2 Sounds of the Wolves (Enhanced With Music) : Creative Music Marketing, Ltd.
  • SCD-4537 Digital Encyclopedia of Sound Effects : Pair Records & The Special Music Company