Sound Ideas Sound Effects Audience Reactions 1 & 2

Sound Ideas Sound Effects Dual CD Audience Reactions sound bits.
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These two jam-packed CDs contain more than 500 audience reaction sound effects - just what you need for sitcom post-production and multimedia applications! Audience Reactions from Sound Ideas is a unique collection with a vast amount of studio audience material, complemented by larger arena & sports stadium crowds, and by children's reactions.

Audience Reactions II features a wide range of responses from fresh new audiences: live theatre, various studio groups - and more children too. With a generous mixture of crowds, just male or just female audiences, and groups of children of different ages, Audience Reactions II offers applause, cheering, anger and booing, laughter, screams, and a full palette of vocal and emotional reactions from many different sets of voices.

AR-01 Sound Ideas Audience Reactions 1
AR-02 Sound Ideas Audience Reactoins 2