UTC A-15 Input Transformer

A potted input transformer for preamp circuits. Good condition.
Beschikbaarheid:: Op voorraad

This is a TRW Model A-15, in Good condition with some wear to the enamel finish on  the case.   This model is listed as a transistor interstage transformer. 

All of the UTC 'A' style cases offer true hum balancing coil structure.  These die cast cases are well sheilded, and offer top and bottom mounting threads.

This was removed from a recording studio interface panel.  The transformer measures 1.5" x 1.5" x 2" (H).

The specifications are as follows:

    • PRIMARY:  10K Ω/2.5KΩ split
    • SECONDARY: 2KΩ/0.5KΩ split
    • Maximum Level +30 dbm
    • Frequency Response: 40Hz--20KHz
    • Hi-Pot 1500 Volts