Videotek VDA-16 Video DA

A 1/3 rd rack size, Composite, 1x6 Video Distribution Amplifier. All working perfectly, the Cosmetic Condition varies slightly. Open to offers on the dozen.
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Videotek manufactured a line of Video (and Audio) Distribution Amplifiers for use in Broadcast installations where High quality, dependability, and space were all at a premium.   These DAs are very well constructed with internal power supplies, Isolated Inputs and outputs, and front panel Level & EQ controls, and test points.

All 12 DAs have been retested thouroughly: all 6 outputs, Level and EQ adjustments, hum & noise measurements.  They all are in excellent working condition.

There were several trim packages over the years, and all of these are in the charcoal grey case style, with BNC jacks and a looping input.   Most were removed from Master Control room & Edit Suites and have never travelled.  Videotek was taken over by Leitch who continued to manufacture the VDA-16.

If you are in need of a rackmount shelf, please let us know.    There are a limited number on hand at the time of this listing, and they are available with a purchase of 2 or more DAs for an additional $15.

Here are the manufacturer's specifications:

Standalone 1x6 video DA with equalization for 400 ft (82 M) (BELDEN 8281)
  • One looping video input
  • Six isolated video outputs
  • Front-panel output level adjustment
  • Cable equalizer front-panel adjustment (400 ft 8281}
  • Input Impedance Hi-Z looping
  • Input Return Loss< -40 dB, 50 Hz to 5 MHz
  • Maximum Input Level  2V p-p
  • Output Impedance 75 ohms, source terminated
  • Maximum Output Level 2V p-p, 50 Hz to 10 MHz, 75 ohms load
  • Gain Continuously adjustable ±6 dB
  • Frequency Response ±0.2 dB, 50 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Cable Equalization Adjustable for up to 400 feet of 8281
  • Differential Gain < 0.2%,10% to 90% APL
  • Differential Phase < 0.2°, 10% to 90% APL
  • Tilt < 0.5%
  • Overshoot and Ringing  < 0.5%
  • Output Isolation 40 dB minimum, 50 Hz to 5 MHz 35 dB minimum, 50 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Maximum DC On Input  ±3V with a 1V p-p signal
  • Throughput Delay 15 ns typical