AJA Model C10SP SMPTE 259M Serial~ Parallel Transcoder

AJA C10SP Serial to Parallel Transcoder. SDI SMPTE 259 to Parallel (MultiStandard), BNC Looping input to 25 pin D connector. With Power supply. Free Shipping to Lower 48!
Fabrikant: Aja
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These boxes are great solutions in a variety of environments, perfect for a field kit or in a Post Production Rack.  Looping BNC Inputs and a 25 Pin D connector Parallel Output, with the original Aja Locking power supply.

The CS10SP is designed to provide conversion of Serial Digital Signals to a Parallel format. 

All of the Aja converters listed by bibbteck include the power supplies.

Here are the specs from Aja:

The AJA C10SP is a signal conversion device; it converts SDI 8 and 10 bit video signals to Parallel.  It features multi-standard and multi-format capabilities.

Multi-Standard: This unit supports PAL and NTSC signals featuring 525 and 625 line signals.

Dither Mode Assures that proper 10 bit to 8 Bit conversion takes place.

Ancillary Data Filter This filter blocks audio and unwanted data from passing.

Jitter Filter A Crystal PLL filter is available for stable conversion


Input SDI Digital Video, SMPTE 259M-A, B, C, on a 75 ohm BNC connector.

Output Parallel Interface, SMPTE 125M, 4fsc NTSC, 4fsc PAL, EBU 3246/3276, on a multi-pin D connector

Conversion SDI Digital Video to Parallel Digital Video.

Control None

Power Source 5 VDC from an AC Power Adapter

Dimensions (WxDxH) 4 x 2.25 x .65" 10.2 x 5.7 x 1.65cm Power: +5V DC regulated power, 2 Watts


The C-Series converter products are designed to efficiently adapt 8-bit or 10-bit parallel digital video equipment to serial digital interfaces. The C-Series converters attach directly to the "D" connectors of parallel equipment - eliminating the need for expensive and unreliable parallel cables. At only .65 inches (16.5mm) wide, the C10 Converters can fit on even the highest density parallel equipment. A wide range of C-Series products are available for any budget, from single-format only to multi-format with auto-configuration and crystal PLL jitter filter. Requires power supply (C10WP or C10WP-U).

Features (General)

Parallel to Serial, Serial to Parallel Video Conversion
Multi-Format, Multi-Standard
Auto Configuration to Component/Composite, 525 or 526-line
Dither Mode For Proper 10-bit to 8-bit Conversion
Ancillary Data Filter Blocks Audio/Unwanted Data
Crystal PLL Jitter Filter Available
Wide range of Models Available


SDI Interface: SMPTE 259M-A,B,C
Parallel Interface: SMPTE 125M (4:2:2), SMPTE 244(4fsc NTSC), EBU Tech 3246/3276 (4:2:2), OEC 60B 170/6 (4fsc PAL)
Return Loss: >15dB, 5-270Mhz
Cable EQ: 0-300 Meters, Belden 8281 Typical
Power: +5VDC Regulated, 3 Watts
Size: 4" x 2.25" x .65" (102mm x 57mm x 16.5mm)