ATI MM100 Match Maker converter

ATI MM100 Match Maker +4 to -10db level converters/XLR to RCA/stereo, bi-directional level matching and active signal balancing.
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Manufacturer: ATI

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Never heard of ATI?  They've been building high quality, bulletproof gear for the Broadcast industry for more than 30 years.  bibbtek has been installing their products in places ranging from Edit suites and Audio Production Studios to Conference rooms and School Auditoriums, with a remarkably low failure rate.

We love this stuff.   This gear is very well constructed and designed by folks who know the business of delivering high quality audio dependably, in high RF environments without compromise.

We have DAs that remain in continuous service that were installed in 1981!

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The MM100 interface is a high end  Pro level converter.  It provides Bidirectional conversion of IHF (-10 db) and Pro (+4 db) signals.   This box ouputs active Balanced +4 db levels for use in either Pro recording environments or high end audio systems .   It provides excellent isolation with 4  level controls and Gold plated RCA jacks.

If you have a recording studio where you are trying to integrate consumer gear with pro equipment this is what you want to use.  These boxes offer lots of headroom, with excellent bandwidth.   If you want to get the job done right the first time, an active coupled interface is the way to go.

The best technique is to place these units close to the unbalanced Source/destination and run balanced cable to your patch panels or console.

The MM100 can also be used to integrate Balanced Pro gear for use in unbalanced consumer systems while correcting level mismatches and providing good ground isolation.



GAIN:    -14 db nominal. -8db maximum. User adjustable for -10dBu (.25V) output with 0, +4 or +8dBm input

NOMINAL LEVELS:    +4dBm input, -10dBu (.25V) out

PEAK LEVELS:    +22dBm in, +8dBu (2.0V) out

MAXIMUM LEVELS    +28dBm in, +20.5dBu out

NOISE OUTPUT: 20-20kHz meas. band.    -90dBu maximum

HUM OUTPUT: 60, 120, and 180 Hz.    -96dBu maximum

DYNAMIC RANGE: Peak levels to Noise    98db minimum

HARMONIC DISTORTION: 20Hz to 20,000HZ    .02% max. at Peak Level, .005% max. at Nominal Level

INTERMOD. DISTORTION: SMPTE, 7k/60Hz, 4:1    .005% max at Peak and Nominal Levels.

FREQUENCY RESPONSE:  +0. -.25db, 20 to 20,000Hz. -3db at .5Hz and 150kHz

CROSSTALK: 70db minimum at 10kHz In all nodes

INPUT HUM REJECTION: Common Mode SignaIs    60db minimum. Internal trimmer

INPUT IMPEDANCE:    Balanced. 20kohm bridging; Split and RF Bypassed

OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:    Unbalanced, 1500 ohms max Zs. Outputs May be paralleled for mono.

SLEW RATE:    13V/uSec

RISE TIME: Peak Level Square Wave    2 uSec.


PHASE SHIFT: 20 to 20,000HZ    Less than 1 degree Input to output and between channels.

POWER:    115/230 VAC +10%, 47 to 53 Hz, 6VA

CONNECTORS:    Unbalanced IHF lines- RCA type Phono Jacks

                            600 ohm Inputs- XLR type, three terminal female.

                            600 ohm Outputs- XLR type, three terminal male.