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Various AMX, Autopatch, Crestron, Extron devices

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AMX Axcess System AXF-BP (AXC-232, AXC-INP8)

2RU Frame, 16 slots, Axcess control system, AXC-232 and AXC-INP8 Switch/Opto Voltage cards
€237.32 €67.32

AMX Axcess System AXF-BP (AXC-EM, AXC-s, AXC-IR/S IRRs, AXC-232)

2RU Frame, 16 slots, Axcess control system with AXC-EM Enhanced System Master card, AXC-s server card, AXC-IR/S IRRs serial card, AXC-232
€237.32 €80.92

AMX Axcess System AXF-BP (AXC-IR/S, AXC-S)

This is a 2RU Frame, with 16 slots, Axcess control system; AXC-IR/S serial cards, AXC-S server card
€216.92 €80.92

AMX EL Touch Panel APX-EL+

AMX APX-EL+ EL Touch panel with 4RU rack plate
€223.72 €67.32