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AVID Breakout box Part# 0020-00365-01

Avid BoB with SDI,Component,S-Video, Composite Video,Very Good condition.
$159.00 $119.00

Avid Digidesign 888 Audio I/O, Model MH068-AV

Very clean Digidesign 8 channel Audio interface for Protools or Avid NLE setups.

Avid Media Dock Ultra 320 Frames

Avid/Adaptec model 0020-03404-01, REV B, 12 Bay Frames for Avid hard drives.
$95.00 $49.00

Avid Ultra 320/LVD 6th Generation SCSI Media Drives

A table top stack of 4 146 Gig Avid Model rS146/320 drives from a workstation. Complete with SCSI cables and terminators. Good cosmetic condition.