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Sony BVU 950 sn12352, Umatic Editing deck, working.

The top of the line model in Sony's Broadcast Umatic line. This machine is in working condition, local pickup, or customer can arrange for shipping.

JVC CR850U Umatic Editing Recorders (Pair)

These JVC CR850 machines were working when acquired but have not been recently tested. Sold As IS for Parts. Local pickup, or customer arranged shipping. Price is for the Pair.

Emulator Systems Emulator I, Model 6008, sn 487.

Emulator I, the 1st version of Emulator Systems Emulator line, a 4 Octave Keyboard sampling synthesizer, 500 were manufactured in 1982. Local Pickup Only. This Unit will not load any programs. Read full description.
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Bozak CMA10-2, Stereo 10 channel mixer

An early Bozak stereo mixer with discrete electronics, Sealed Allen Bradley Pots, and transformer coupled mic preamps. Restored to full operating condition.
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Crown International Tape deck Model LL802: 1/2 track Stereo Head assembly.

Parts from Crown International (yes that Crown) Model 700 and 800 series quarter inch decks. Head stack removed from an 800 series, model LL802. Windings tested for continuity only. See full description.
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Altec Lansing 1699A 6 channel Mixer

This is the immediate successor to the popular Green Faced Altec 1599B. Very, Very clean.

Jensen E-10 C7432 Sono-Dome Ultra-Tweeter Pair.

Removed from Jensen TF-4 cabinets. A pair of Jensen Dome tweeters Date codes: 220732, 220505. These units are identical except for the paint finish and date codes. Price is for the pair.
$99.00 $79.00

BTS (Broadcast Television Systems) Video Router cards

A set of 8 pcbs from a Broadcast Television Systems (a Bosch and Philips company) Video/Audio router. Sold AS IS, for parts. Price is for the lot of 8 pcbs.

BTS (Broadcast Television Systems) PS-2001A Power supplies

Power supply modules from a Broadcast Television Systems (a Bosch and Philips company) Video/Audio router. Sold AS IS, for parts. Price is per unit.
From $29.00

Avid Adrenaline Rack mount BoB interface, sn YQJ443191

Avid Model 0020-03332-02 Rev C in VVG condition. Removed from a small working corporate suite. This unit does NOT have the HD expansion board, but does have SDI ports.

Telestream ClipMail PRO Monitor, model CP1A.

A Telestream Monitor for the ClipMail Pro media exchange units. Untested, AS IS, without power supply.

UNIVUER Audio Metering System over Composite Video signals.

The UniVUer generates bar graph meters over a video signal. The uniVUer is a 3 channel device, and this unit contains boards for 2 channels. Tested and working.

VideoTek VTM-100

The VTM100 generates Waveform, Vectorscope and stereo audio display on a Composite video output. Tested and working. See notes. AS IS.

Canon VCL-713BX Zoom Lens, f1.4 sn 083075.

Canon video lens removed from Sony EVW300 Hi8 camcorder. In VVG condition. See notes for more information.

Gentner TS612 Telephone Interface, sn001337, 12 LINE

This is a 12 Line On Air Telephone System for Live Radio, TV and Conference broadcasting. Mainframe only.
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SuperNotcher #3271 Channel 8

A multi-pole Channel Elimination filter for Channel 8. Reduces by 50db. Good condition.
From $59.00

Altec Model 67A Filter, sn 391521 #113. (Altec 67-A) SOLD OUT.

This Early Altec 67-A is a passive filter assembly with a 68A Low Pass and a 69A High Pass filter, a Vintage Altec tool from a small film editing studio. Sold.
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Extron Super Emotia II pn 60-247-01.SOLD OUT. PAL/NTSC

Computer video interface for Projectors, Monitors, and Panels. Retired by Extron, this is an early model with 15 pin HD Looping input and RGBHV, SV and composite outputs. In VVG condition.

SOM Berthiot Television Zoom Lens.

This lens, along with a 1950 Zoomar TV lens are on consignment. Please feel free to email or call with any offers.
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Heathkit W4-AM, Williamson Type Tube Power amplifier

A 50s era mono amplifier from the estate of a local RCA engineer. Being sold without tubes, all original construction. Untested, as is.

Panasonic SV-3700 Dat, Very low hours

SV-3700 DAT with rack mount kit, good condition, sn AA1BA02410. Early version, works well.

Sony MDS-E10 MiniDisc recorder, sn304786

Sony MiniDisc, 2002 model, works well, Loading drawer mechanism with new belt. Good cosmetics.

Otari CB-110 Remote for MX-5050 8 Track (no sn.)

Otari CB-110 remote control with 30' cable, good condition, fully tested and working.

Crown International Tape deck Model LL822: 1/2 track mono Head assembly.

Parts from Crown International (yes that Crown) Model 700 and 800 series quarter inch decks. Head stack removed from an 800 series, model LL822. Windings tested for continuity only. See full description.
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Sony LVR5000 Laser DIsk recording system with Blank Media.

A Two piece Sony Laser disk recorder, LVR5000A Processor and LVR5000A Disk Recorder, both in Excellent condition, A Blank Disk and operating manual are included. For Local pickup. Please call for shipping requests.

Original Marantz Cabinet for 2245, 2365B Receiver

An original Marantz Wood cabinet for all Marantz 22xx series receivers. VG condition. Last one we're likely to see.

Shure Rack Mount Kit (model A68R)

Rack mount kits for various Shure mixers and controllers. These 2 RU mounts will fit the M67 Mixer and the M63 Audio Master.
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Neutrik 1.5', Black TT (Bantam) Nickel Patch Cable

Nickel plated connectors to resist oxidation and ensure signal integrity. Neutrik incorporated a nice metal pull into the Plug barrel. Priced Per Cable

Shure M63 Audio Master

A combination Preamp & Equalizer, in the style of the old Pultec filters. A very useful tool to clean up noisy audio tracks and provide additional gain as needed.

Beyer Dynamic DT 108.4 Headsets

These are single muff Beyer 108.4 intercom headsets, most are in VVG to VG condition, with a few appearing to be unused.
From $89.00

16 MM film Reels 1200' Aluminum

Goldberg Brothers, Aluminum 1200 foot 16mm film reels. Good condition. Price is per reel.

Kliegl Fresnel Lighting Instrument,Model 3518

Antique Kliegl Stage Lighting Fixtures These fixtures are 40 years old, and the design and Kliegl logo may be a carry over from older models. This model, the 3518, will accept 1KW lamps.

Atlas 12" Gooseneck

Standard 5/8" Threaded chrome goosenecks, Condition varies from Fair to Excellent. Price is per unit. Please read notes in full description.
From $7.50

Fujinon SRD-51 Zoom Controller with Cable

Fuji SRD-51 with an MCA-1A mount. Standard thumb operated Zoom control for Fuji lenses, tested & complete with 8 pin cable.

Rane FMI 14 Preamplifier Module

Mic/Line Input, 48V Phantom, Parametric Mid EQ, Master A/B Outputs, 2 Send Outputs. PLEASE READ FULL Description prior to purchase.

Floppy Disks, 5.25" 50 count package

You read that right, these are N.O.S. (New Old Stock) Floppy Disks, in unopened plastic packages. Dig out that old PC or Compag portable!
From $32.95

ADC 48 point Patch Panels PPA3-18MKIINO

ADC 48pt Long Frame patch panels, Normals brought out, 2 RU, Model PPA3-18MKIINO. ADC Part number is 4-26790-0020. ***Free Shipping in Continental USA***

Sony DVR-20 Operation Manual 1st Edition

Sony DVR-20 Digital Videocassette Recorder Operation Manual 1st Edition. Covers SN 10001 and higher. D-2 Composite Digital Manual

Buhl Optical 1.4" f2.5 Hi-Speed Super Wide

Beautifully made Wide angle Slide projection Lens, all metal construction. These lenses are great for Rear Projection setups with a short throw distance. Anodized finish. pn 891-60
$69.00 $59.00

Henry Engineering- The Matchbox

The Matchbox by Henry Engineering. IHF to Pro Interface -10db to +4db. Stereo XLR input and outputs, to RCA inputs and outputs.
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NRG Model 600 Ni-Cad Battery Charger

For Charging Power Pro and Power Max batteries. Can be used with NRG Battery Belts.