Matrox DLE/DCT/Video Interface MQ52580

Matrox Digisuite LE Video BoB with Rackmount hardware & feet. Unused, in original Packaging. New cond.
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This Video interface Accepts Component (Y-R-B), S-Video, and Composite Video input signals.  


This Break out Box has the following features:

  • 2 Separate Video Inputs: #1 for Y-R-B or SVideo, #2 for SVideo and Composite signals.
  • BNC Jacks for all non-SV signals
  • Looping Reference Sync input
  • Key Out
  • Preview Out
  • Composite Preview Output
  • SVideo Preview Output
  • Program outputs:  Component (Y-R-B), SVideo, Composite signals (switch selectable)
  • "Desk Pedestal" (feet) or Rack mounts
  • Snake cable with 24 pin Male D connector.