Ross DAC-9213-PVM SDI to RGB/Component converter

A plug in for selected Sony PVM and BVM Monitors, converts SDI video to RGB/YUV/Y-R-B Signals. Used, in like new condition. Includes blank for adjacent slot.
Fabrikant: Sony
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This 2004 Ross unit provides an SDI input for various models of SONY PVM & BVM monitors (see list) by converting the signal to Analog Component Video.   The component signal is then connected to the Component inputs on the Sony monitor.   As such, the Ross doesn't create another input, but simply provides a 'built in' conversion for Sony PVMs.   This unit was tested in a Sony PVM20L5 and works perfectly.

From Ross of Canada:

Multi-Definition SDI to Analog Component Converter for Sony® Monitors.


The DAC-9213-PVM Multi-Definition SDI to Analog Component Converter for Sony® Monitors is a high-quality signal conversion solution for High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) SDI signals and part of a growing family of GearLite Multi-Definition (MD) self-contained, small brick format modules.

The DAC-9213-PVM is designed to fit into an HD-compatible Sony® monitor’s adapter input slot. The DAC-9213-PVM provides a

monitoring-quality MD-SDI component monitoring solution in a small, stand-alone package.  The DAC-9213-PVM addresses program stream imaging requirements by converting 10bit MD-SDI video to analog component video (multiple formats).  The DAC-9213-PVM has a full 10bit data path, with 11bit data processing.

The front panel of the DAC-9213-PVM chassis provides power and status LEDs for visual reference. In addition, user-selectable switch settings are available to select the preferred mode of operation.

The DAC-9213-PVM provides analog conversion of 525i, 625i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p SDI signals (SMPTE 259M and SMPTE 292M). The DAC-9213-PVM also has two re-clocked SDI outputs. Special measures have been taken to ensure excellent return loss at both input and output. This ensures error-free performance with short or long cables.



The DAC-9213-PVM includes the following features:

HD-SDI and SD-SDI to analog component conversion

• 2 reclocked SDI outputs

• 10bit DAC resolution

• 11bit data processing

• Automatic input cable equalization >300m (>984ft) of Belden 1694A at SD-SDI rates (270Mbps)

• Automatic input cable equalization >100m (>328ft) of Belden 1694A at HD-SDI rates (1.485Gbps)

• Analog component outputs can be set for YPBPR or RGB

• Sony® monitor input slot compatible form factor

• LEDs for power and status

• Small brick form factor

• 5V universal adapter with locking DC connector


The DAC-9213-PVM is compatible with Sony® monitors which can accept

Sony® model BKM-120D SDI and BKM-142 HD-SDI input modules. Table 1

lists the models supported by the DAC-9213-PVM.

Table 1 Supported Sony® Monitors

Model Description

BVM-D9H1U / 5U 9”, 4x3, HD Capable

BVM-D14H1U / 5U 14”, 4x3, HD Capable

BVM-14L5/1 14”, 4x3, HD Capable

BVM-20L5/1 20”, 4x3, HD Capable

PVM-14L5/1 14”, 4x3, HD Capable

PVM-20L5/1 20”, 4x3, HD Capable