Aja Io LA, Video Capture Breakout Boxes

Aja Converter originally designed for Apple PPCs, for Capturing video on FCP platforms. All in Excellent condition, with dual rack mount kits, blank right side.
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These converters were removed from several Corporate editing suites and are in excellent condition.   The Aja Io LA includes inputs for Composite, SVideo, and RGB/Component signals, with a Fire Wire output to feed the computer.

sn: G48062, G48064, G28562

Here are the Specifications and Features from Aja:

AJA Io LD and Io LA offer two new ways of delivering high quality video and audio to an Apple Power Mac running Final Cut Pro 4 software. Like the award-winning Io, these products offer unsurpassed 10-bit uncompressed video and multi-channel audio, allowing a Power Mac to be configured anywhere from a professional editing suite, corporate/industrial video center, or high-powered desktop video setup. Unlike the larger Io, Io LD and Io LA
are smaller more-affordable panels that are optimized for SDI digital or analog suites, respectively.
Both the Io LD and Io LA install easily using a single FireWire connection between them and the Apple Power Mac—while serving simultaneous realtime connection for all audio and video sources. All data—including uncompressed video—moves over the IEEE 1394a 400Mb/s FireWire port on the Power Mac. And since uncompressed is only 270Mb/s (and it has filler data included), FireWire can easily handle the bandwidth. Both panels provide the following professional features:
•A/V presets for Final Cut Pro 4.
•All outputs are active—all the time.
•RS422 machine control for professional control of VTRs
•Video Genlock for synchronizing with reference sources
•Flexible A/V monitoring
•Rack-mounting option for professional installation; two panelscan be placed side by side in a standard 19” 1RU rack space.A blank plate is provided for mounting a single IoLD or IoLA 
Optimized for analog video systems, Io LA provides:
• RS-422 Control Port (Sony), 9-pin D, for machine control.
•Analog (10-bit A/D and D/A) video inputs/outputs:
—S-Video In/Out
—Composite NTSC/PAL Video In/Out
—Component YPbPr/RGB Video In/Out
—Genlock/Reference Video (looping)
• Four channels of Analog balanced Audio In/Out are available using a supplied XLR breakout cable.
• Front Panel Status Indicators: Power On/Off, FireWire (active/inactive), Ref
(Genlock), NTSC or PAL.
• Front Panel Mode Indicators: Input/Output.
•Front Panel Video Input Source Indicators:
—Present, Component, S-video, and Composite.