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AFA Model VU-1S Analog Meter assembly

Balanced Stereo meters mounted in a 2 RU Anodized Aluminum case. Good condition.

B&B Systems MP-4 Record Meter assembly: sn40215

Four VU meters mounted in a 2 RU Black Anodized Aluminum case. Balanced inputs. Good condition.

Boonton Radio Corporation 100-A Q-Meter sn358.

This is the first Q-Meter sold by Boonton and dates to the middle of the 1930s. In good cosmetic condition, for parts or repair--not safe for Use.

Chicago Standard Transformer PWV 715 Power Transformer

A sealed 115/230 Volt power transformer for tube circuits. TF1A03YY, Part 5300436-001

Chicago Transformer Company FH-65 Filament Transformer

A sealed 115/230 Volt power transformer for 6.3 Volt tube filament circuits.

Chicago Transformer Company P-4096 Filament Transformer

A 107/117 Volt power transformer with 10Volt, 5 Amp center tapped secondary, by Stancor (Standard Transformer Co.)

GE Luckiesh Taylor Brightness Meter

A vintage General Electric Brightness meter with leather case and plug-in sensor. Very good condition.

General Radio W10MT3 Autotransformer (Variac)

Infinitely variable 120 Volt AC Supply, 10 Amp Capacity, Good condition.

GlobeCaster Manuals Set of 4

Global Streams Globecaster manuals, all in VG condition.
€57.80 €46.92

GlobeCaster Software Version 2.4 NTSC

Global Streams Globecaster Content and ACE Seat License disks.

HP 9100-1913 Transformer

An HP 9100-1913 Power Transformer, 66B-86MS TF4RX01YY. NOS.

JBL Model 5195 Matching transformer

JBL model 5195 plug in transformer, used, fair condition.

Jefferson Electric C-12A-2949 Transformer

An antique pulled from a tube radio set, with B+ and -C terminals.

Kapitol Magnetic Corp M-5499

A small signal output transformer removed from equipment, in Good condition.

Kapitol Magnetic Corp T-9850A

A power transformer with 1 secondary tap, removed from equipment, in Good condition.

Lot of Victoreen GV4S-3300 Tubes

A lot of 15 unboxed, Victoreen GV4S-3300 Corotron tubes. Price is for the lot.

Magnavox Output Transformer pn C327822

A used tube output transformer, in good condition.

North Hills Electronics Model 1119PA Isolation Transformer

North Hills Electronics 1119PA Noise Isolation Transformer with a DC-25MHz Bandwidth. A high quality video Transformer that is increasingly hard to find.

Orion Blue Book: 1995 Video & Television

Excellent condition edition of the ORION Blue Book for Video & Television equipment.

Orion Blue Book: 1996 Guitars & Musical Instruments

Like new condition original edition of the ORION Blue Book for Guitars and Musical instrument.

Orion Blue Book: 1998 Professional Sound

Like new condition original edition of the ORION Blue Book for Pro Sound gear.

Panasonic 2SD837Q Transistors, NOS, 100/bag

Original Panasonic 2SD837Q in TO220 case. Factory 100 count package.

PPC EX6-08 RG6 Fitting

These are new Compression style fittings, priced per hundred pieces.

Satellite and Cable TV Grounding blocks

Holland Electronics Model GL-G2B2, UL Listed 3 GigaHertz grounding Blocks. Sold in lots of 10 pieces.
From €7.47

Sony Blower Fan & Motor, NOS pn 1-541-209-11

A boxed fan assembly for a variety of Sony Broadcast VTRs pn 1-541-209-11.

Sony Brush Assembly, NOS

A boxed Brush contact assembly for Sony VO5850 & BVU-800 VTRs. pn A-6709-360-A.

Sony D2 DDR-26R Head Assembly, NOS?

A boxed upper Head assembly, pn A-6052-138-B. See notes for applications and condition.

Sony Drawer Assembly for DVW-500, pn A-8274-876-F

A boxed, DVW500 tape drawer mechanism.

Sony Drum Gauge, pn J-6250-800-A

Sony Drum Eccentricity Gauge II. Used, in original packing, VVG condition.

Sony DVW-A500 Capstan Motor Assembly,

A boxed Capstan Motor complete with PCB, pn A-8325-389-A, for Digi-Beta DVW-A500. See notes for applications and condition.

Sony DVW-A500P Elevator mechanism, NOS

A boxed NOS 'Sony Cassette Svc' part for DVW-500 machine. PART# A-8267-589-G

Sony Gear Box Assembly, pn A-8323-825-A, NOS

A boxed, NOS Motor & Gear Box Assembly, for a Sony DVW-A500 machine. PART# A-8323-825-A

Sony Tension Assembly for DVW-A500P, NOS

A boxed Tension Assembly complete with PCB, pn A-8267-423-C, for Digi-Beta DVW-A500P. See notes for applications and condition.

Stancor A-3872 P-P Plate Ouput Transformer

A potted tube output transformer for Push-Pull tube circuits. Good condition.

Switchcraft SF3M M-F XLR Barrels

Unwired Switchcraft SF3M barrels; Male to Female 3 pin XLR. Multiple audio and video applications. NOS.
From €5.95

Triad HS-8 Input Transformer, NIB

A NOS Triad multi-tap input transformer. In original box.

Trinity Air Command Switcher Manual, Volume 4 V 2.1

Trinity (Play Inc.) Air Command Production Switcher Manual, Volume 4 , Version 2.1 ©2000.

Trinity Panamation Manual, Volume 5 V 2.1

Trinity (Play Inc.) Panamation Paint & Animation Manual, Volume 5, Version 2.1 ©2000.

Trinity Graphic Content-Project and User's Guides

A pair of Trinity (Play Inc.) manuals missing the Software discs.

Trinity Installation & Troubleshooting Guide Volume 2 V 2.1

Trinity (Play Inc.) Installation & Troubleshooting Guide Volume 2, Version 2.1 ©2000.

Trinity Personal FX Manual, Volume 6 V 2.1

Trinity (Play Inc.) Personal FX Custom Effects Creation Manual, Volume 6, Version 2.1 ©2000.

Trinity Preditor Editor Manual, Volume 3 V 2.1

Trinity (Play Inc.)Preditor Linear & Non-Linear Editor Manual, Volume 3, Version 2.1 ©2000.

Trinity Title Wave Character Generator Manual, Volume 7 V 2.1

Trinity (Play Inc.) Title Wave Character Generator Manual, Volume 7, Version 2.1 ©2000.

Trinity User Guide Volume 1 V 2.1

Trinity (Play Inc.) User Guide Volume 1, Version 2.1 ©2000.

UTC A-15 Input Transformer

A potted input transformer for preamp circuits. Good condition.

UTC A-21 Matching Transformer

A potted transformer for preamp circuits. Good condition.

UTC CVM-1 Modulation Transformer

A sealed and potted Modulation transformer, Fair condition, used.

UTC H-94 Power Supply transformer

A USED UTC H-94 with 120 Volt primary. Fair condition.

UTC HP-123 Power Transformer NOS

A sealed 115 Volt power transformer, usable for tube filament circuits.

UTC LS-141 Line Transformer

The LS-141 500Ω to 500Ω Hi Level Audio Transformer. Very Good condition.
From €60.52